2018 Interior Design Trends

November 1, 2017

With each year, trends rise and fall in popularity. Sometimes they are something new gaining the spotlight for the first time, or something from the past resurfacing once again. It can be hard to keep track of trends as they come and go – particularly when it comes to interior design. By the time you finish remodeling, it could already be out of style! It’s good to keep track of what is gaining popularity, so here are some 2018 interior design trends:

Color Palette

Out with neutral gray and in with earthy tones! Warm hues of red and orange along with browns and beiges are returning to give our homes a calming and simplistic atmosphere. These organic looks will make it easy to create a sense of relaxation. They also direct your guests’ view to wherever you use a bolder color.

Preppy Classic

Old-school libraries carry a very special aesthetic that conveys both comfort and intellect. Do you have a lot of books and magazines? Don’t keep them tucked away and out of sight – put them on display! Put those bookshelves in the kitchen and living room. Upcycle old books and magazines into folded art and use them to showcase pictures and other trinkets.

Create hand-drawn prints, textiles, and used type font in your decor and you’ll find yourself with a very scholarly looking home. On top of aesthetic appeal, it’s quite convenient to have such easy access to your books!

Open Space

Instead of multiple small rooms assigned different purposes, opt for one large room with light dividers. Without dividers, these are referred to as “great rooms”. Use natural zones for furniture placement. This will help prevent a cramped appearance and feelings of claustrophobia. It will also encourage family and friends to spend more time together instead of each person secluding themselves in a different room.

Dark Wood

Using dark wood furniture provides elegant details, and will complement your beige and earthy tones excellently. This smooth and simple material boldly stands out from the rest of your ensemble.

Keep an eye out for more 2018 interior design trends, and don’t be afraid to experiment with our suggestions. Using trends as a foundation is a great way to find a style that best fits you. With some creativity, you may just start the next big thing!