3 Nice Upgrades For Your Bathroom That Won’t Break The Bank

December 17, 2013

Whether the bathroom in your home is large or small, with a few simple tips, it can look like a bathroom from a custom home, without costing you a fortune for remodeling. In most situations, you can give the bathroom a completely new, fresh look in a weekend or less and for an average sized bathroom, the changes can cost as little as a couple hundred dollars or less. Here are three great ways to inexpensively upgrade the bathroom.


The lighting in the bathroom is often ignored until it is time to change the light bulbs, but the bathroom lighting can have a significant impact on the overall look of the room. Lighting is an inexpensive way to add a creative touch to the bathroom. There are several options available to choose from, including wall sconces, strip lighting and mirrors with built-in lights. Choose something that will provide sufficient lighting as well as add a touch of character to the bathroom.


Painting the bathroom is one the least expensive, yet dramatic forms of transforming your bathroom from drab to bright and cheery. Colors such as blues and greens are great options for a bathroom because they create a soothing effect. Paint is also one of the quickest ways to refresh the bathroom as a weekend do-it-yourself project. To add visual enhancement to the bathroom and make it appear larger, consider painting the top half of the walls and the bottom half of the walls, each a different color.


The flooring of the bathroom has a large impact on the overall look of the room, especially if tiles are cracked and worn, it can significantly devalue the entire room. There are hundreds of flooring options available, in all price ranges that can fit any budget. Selecting floor tiles that are made from laminate or vinyl are very inexpensive. Installing new flooring in a standard size bathroom typically only requires a couple of boxes and the new floor can make the entire bathroom feel larger, brighter and comfortable.

When you want to redo or upgrade the bathroom, but you are on a budget, it is important to take your time when making selections. Remember you are on a budget, but when you avoid rushing into purchases, it is easier to make trades, for example, you can spend more money on a higher quality floor and spend less money by only buying paint and/or accessories that are on sale.