3 Reasons To Build A Custom Home

June 8, 2013

Part of fulfilling that American Dream is to have your very own home. Granted, you may be making a mortgage payment to the bank but you have a piece of paper that states that yes, this is your house and you own it. For many, owning a home is one thing but having the ultimate dream home is their goal and nothing else will do. While you can buy an existing home and make modifications, remodels and upgrades to your heart’s content, it won’t be your dream home. That’s where building a custom home can make a real difference. Here are 3 reasons to build a custom home:

1. You choose everything.

From the floor plan, the heating and cooling, the flooring and carpets, wall colors and materials, drapery, furnishings, bathroom fixtures, tub/shower/commode/cabinetry, kitchen sink/fixtures/cabinetry/appliances. You can specify every single detail all the way down to the color and style of the light switches and plugs in the wall. No one else has made any decisions about where anything goes so you can literally create your own house.

2. No one has lived there but you.

You’ll be the first occupants of that house which means you don’t inherit any problems because everything is new. Warranties and guarantees apply to just about everything in the home which means if it breaks, you don’t have to fix it as long as those warranties apply.

3. You will have created a legacy.

Even if you sell the home at some point in time, this home was something you created. You succeeded in creating a dream home that you will have lived in and enjoyed and when you move out, someone else will come in and enjoy the benefits of what you’ve created. Your home could even outlive you by hundreds of years.

A house is a house but when you build your own custom house, you’re creating far more than just a place to live. You’re creating a custom home for you and your family. There are few things in life that can compete with that.