3 Tips For Designing Your Custom Home

March 6, 2013

Building your dream home can easily turn into a nightmare without proper planning and preparation. While you may have visions of elaborately decorated trees during the holidays or walls covered in artwork created by your favorite artist, first you need to address the bare bones of your new home. Here are three tips for designing your custom home:

Start with the Basics

Grab a notebook and pencil for the earliest planning stages of a custom home. Draw out a rough sketch of the layout as this will be professionally drafted by your custom builder. As for amenities and premium features, such as stainless steel appliances or heated floors, write lists in your notebook. Use a separate sheet of paper for each room, and prioritize the list with features you cannot live without. This will help the custom home builder design and then build the home you want.

Plan for the Future

Evaluate the future as you decide how your house will need to grow along with your life. Do you have plans to expand your family? Perhaps you have a child away at college who could possibly return to the nest one day. Maybe you have an aging parent who may eventually need to move into your home. Consider the possibilities of your occupation. Have you ever considered working from home, in which case you would want a private home office? If you are nearing retirement, having a separate crafting or woodworking area might be ideal. Thinking about the future and how your home may need to support you 5 or 10 years from now will help you plan out the right custom home for your changing lifestyle.

Consider Aesthetics

The color, light, and flow of a home play a major role in the atmosphere of the home and can also affect mood. For instance, each winter, millions of Americans struggle with SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, because of a lack of natural light. Having plenty of well-positioned windows can remedy this issue. Room colors also play an essential role in a person’s mood. While certain colors illicit feelings of happiness and peace, such as green and yellow, other colors excite and energize including red and orange. The flow of a room can have real consequences in the case of a physical impairment, such as if you have an accident that requires you to be wheelchair bound. You’ll quickly discover that your master suite on the third floor will be unused if you depend on a spiraling staircase to reach it.

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