3 Tips For Getting Your Garden Ready For Spring Planting

March 20, 2014

Spring is just around the corner, which means there is now work to be done for all the gardeners out there. While the vast majority of the work will be done when the weather warms and the rains return with regularity, some useful prep can be done in your garden in the final throes of winter to make your plants grow better as the weather warms. Below are 3 of the most important things to do in your garden in lieu of Spring planting so that you can create a custom garden to match your custom home.

Give the Yard A Good Once Over

Before doing anything specific to your yard and garden, just take a look at it and see what damage has occurred over the very cold winter months. Winters vary from year to year and the damage will obviously fluctuate as well. Find the broken branches or dead plants that are in the garden and get rid of them if you can. Remove any rocks that may have fallen into it, or other debris from storms over the winter. This will make the actual gardening and planting easier in the near future.

Edge and Clean the Garden Beds

After the big pieces of debris have been removed in your cursory once-over of the yard and the garden itself, edge around the garden beds using an edger. All that is edged off should ideally be put in the bed itself to be easily raked up later. Then cut down any foliage that has crept into the garden beds and rake the beds out entirely with a solid steel rake. This will not only remove the smaller bits of debris from the cleaning and edging process but also any old mulch from the year before. This is easiest to do in large open beds that don’t have any trees or perennial plants. However, if those do exist in a garden bed, the old mulch at their base must be carefully removed, as it will cause the wood and roots to rot over time.

Test the Garden Bed Soil

With a home pH test kit, which is available at most home and garden stores of all sizes, test the quality of the soil itself. This will let you know if any changes need to be made to the soil so that plants will be able to grow when Spring arrives, or if you are good to begin planting when everything warms up.