3 Tips for Nice Design Rhythm in Your Home

October 29, 2013

Most of us associate rhythm with music. You might be surprised to discover that this term has a lot of significance in giving your home that appealing and natural look. In simple terms, rhythm means repetition. However, in terms of design, the immense results of this word lie much in the consistency and unifying flow of the colors and themes used, particularly in the interior of your home. If you have always dreamt of turning your residence into a perfect custom home, then below are the 3 tips for nice design rhythm in your home.

Multiplicity of Colors

Go for a range of colors. You also need to diversify your themes, shapes, and patterns, which of course go hand in hand with your color and theme preferences. Since you are the one to spend beautiful moments in the home, don’t be forced into making choices that do not appeal to you. However, some expert advice might be necessary so as to get those unique and harmonized results.


There needs to be a peaceful coexistence of the colors, shapes, themes, and lines. Follow the rhythm of all the aspects involved. You don’t have to look for it, as it is inside you. That creative part that tends to lead you from one color, pattern, shape, and so on is what counts most. The rhythm will disagree when you make the wrong move as similarity will be broken. The internal settings should automatically be in agreement with nature. That is when you know you are on the right track. Therefore, listen to that motivating idea from deep inside you.


All the rooms in the home are to be given the desired importance so that the end results are not conflicting in any way. Identify the sections of the rooms that matter most and give them all your best. If you intend to incorporate other features like portraits in the rooms, then focus on the final desired look. You could, for instance, keep other areas neutral so that the moment one enters the room, concentration is on the portrait before other points. All these considered, your home will be nothing short of a beautifully designed custom home.