3 Tips For Organizing Your Garage This Spring

April 29, 2014
It’s that time of year again, time to clean out the cobwebs, sweep the floors, and get your garage organized for spring! For those of us who know that their garage could use a little TLC, here are our top three tips for making it spring clean:

1. Know What You Have

Many of us accumulate items in our garage slowly over time. Whether it was given as a gift, picked up at a yard sale, or bought at a home goods store, we normally end up with more things than we actually realize. That’s why it’s important to sort the items you have by purpose and type. Using whatever extra space you have, work on sorting out all your garage goodies. Put gardening supplies in one corner, kids toys in another, tools and equipment in a separate place, and yard maintenance in another. Depending on what you have in your custom home, you may need to make more categories. Once your sorting is finished, you are able to see what you have double, or maybe even triple, of. Decide what you need and what you don’t; set the stuff you don’t need aside.

2. Take a Trip to the Store

It may not be fun to buy things like tubs and other storage containers, but for the organization of your garage, it is necessary. Now that you’ve sorted all your stuff, you need to keep it all together and stowed away in neat compartments. Invest in a set of clear plastic drawers for tools, in a wire rack for sports balls and equipment, or in wall hanging hooks for rakes and shovels. Keeping everything in its proper place will clear up space in your garage and keep it looking neat.

3. Have a Garage Sale

Finally, after organizing all the stuff you plan on keeping, it’s time to deal with all the stuff you don’t. Pick a weekend that you aren’t busy and have a garage sale. You know the sane: one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, and it rings true here! Get rid of your stuff while making money at the same time! What could be better than that?