3 Top Features to Consider for Your Dream Bathroom

January 2, 2014

Whether you’re building a brand-new home or finally getting around to renovating that old bathroom, now’s the time to add value and personal style to your house. Of course, so many options exist that it might be difficult to figure out where to start. Here are some ideas you’re sure to love in your new bathroom!

His and Her Sinks

Don’t just imagine the 1970s style, either. With divided vanities, you’ll both get your space, so there’s no arguing about who gets the bathroom in the morning. Plus, modern designs look incredibly stylish. That’s why so many custom homes use contemporary vanities and lighting fixtures. It just doesn’t get more attractive than that. If you’re using a single counter, make sure to have at least 6 feet of length to install dual sinks. Otherwise, you’ll just feel cramped.

Heated Flooring

Winter comes every year without fail, which means your tile floors can feel frigid to your feet in the early morning hours. Sometimes, a rug just doesn’t cut it. Heated flooring takes a bit more work than simply replacing outdated tiles, but you might find it well worth the time and cost Heat mats that go between your floor and subfloor can make the job easier, too. Every time you step onto the floor, your tootsies will be comfortable and warm, so you don’t have to hop your way from the sink to the shower and back again. Consider programmable thermostats so that your floor is toasty warm for you when you wake up in the morning.

A Walk-In Shower

Here’s something that will work especially well in your master suite if you don’t have a lot of floor space for a tub. Glass on one side and floor-to-ceiling stone or tile on the others are common. However, builders are getting creative with custom home designs. For instance, your shower might be in a corner with one glass door and another wall half glass and half stone. This gives your bathroom a completely modern feel. If you’re worried about standing space, many showers have installed seating ledges that look much nicer than bringing in a plastic chair. They’re helpful for shaving legs, too, which any woman understands!