3 Ways to Improve Your Landscaping this Spring & Summer

May 22, 2014

The arrival of spring – and, soon, summer! – means a number of things. It means you can finally start living your life outside again, it means that you will have some daylight long after you’ve gotten off work, and it means that mother nature is back in full force. The grass is greener, the trees are showing new leaves, and flowers are blooming. After a long, wet, and often quite cold winter, the world is ready to grow anew. There’s just one problem: that means more work for you.

As a homeowner, lawn care and landscaping are important duties. The state and condition of your lawn not only reflects on you, but also the value of your home and the quality of your neighborhood, making your lawn care duties not just personal and financial in nature, but also a responsibility you have to your community and neighborhood. Consequently, there is quite a bit to take care of, especially if, like most homeowners, you’ve allowed your lawn to go to seed a bit throughout the winter! Here are three major tips for getting your lawn in tip-top shape this spring:

1. Mow the Lawn Carefully

You know that you have to mow your lawn; that much is clear. An unmowed lawn looks shabby and, eventually, like an abandoned lot that is merely adjacent to your home. In fact, some communities will see you fined if you don’t keep your lawn mowed! Regularly tending to the height of your lawn is a major duty and an important pawn of lawn care.

Keep in mind that if you cut too low, however, you may be doing damage to your grass. Cut no more than one-third of the height of the grass to ensure that the grass’s root system is not stressed by the process. You needn’t worry about collecting the cuttings, either; those clippings actually feed your grass and keep it healthy!

2. Pest Control as Per Your Needs

Pest control is probably not a major problem for you, but even if it is, you may take a more natural approach – after all, most pests aren’t really that big of an issue. If you find your lawn and garden being decimated by pests, however, then you may have to turn to a chemical solution. Be very careful with whatever techniques you use for pest control, as they can sometimes do more harm than good!

3. Irrigate to Stay Green

Finally, depending on how dry the summer promises to be, you may have to develop an irrigation system to ensure your yard does not become a brown, brittle wasteland. Whether this means a rain sensor or a sprinkler, it’s up to you!

So begins the long war against the forces of nature arrayed against you this spring and summer. Best of luck to you!