3 Ways To Integrate Rain Barrels Into Your Custom Home Design

November 26, 2013

With so much consideration being given to the environmental conservation, rain barrels are growing in popularity around the world. Rain barrels are being used by homeowners to catch the rainwater that rolls off of their roofs and in other creative ways. If you are considering integrating rain barrels into your new custom home, you may be wondering how this can be done creatively and attractively. The truth is that there are a lot of extremely attractive ways to integrate this environmentally conscious element into your custom home design.

This article will briefly present 3 ways to integrate rain barrels into your custom home without creating an eyesore.


One of the more subtle ways of implementing rain barrel usage into the schematics of your home design is to make the barrels apart of your landscaping design. The different ways that this can be are endless. You can create a rock bed and place the barrel in the rock bed, surrounded by shrubbery and ivy vines. There are numerous ways to channel the runoff. You can be as creative as you like.

Ceramic & Stone

Instead of using the traditional wooden barrels, you can have ceramic or stone barrels created that can be used as a part of a fountain runoff. You can be very creative in designing ways to capture water and then run it off into the barrel. You can use a spigot that is attached to a fountain system that catches rainwater and have that spigot pour the water into a ceramic barrel with a rock filtering system.

Metal Container

If you are looking to design a more modern or contemporary home, you can use stainless steel or aluminum containers to receive your runoff. These containers can be designed in a number of sizes and shapes and placed alongside of the house in the same manner as a central air unit; proving that concealment is not always necessary with rain barrel integration.

The only limit to the ways that rain barrels can be integrated into the design of your home is your imagination and creativity.