5 Tips to Maximize Your Closet Space

December 1, 2015

Unfortunately, we all don’t necessarily have a custom home built with our dream closet. Closet space seems to be the least satisfying space in the home, especially when sharing a closet. All is not lost when you need to create a perfect his and her closet. Here are 5 tips to maximize your closet space:

Create a Wall of Art

Some things that take up a ton of space in the closet are neckties, belts, and scarfs. Often we hang them on a hanger and they are very bulky. Instead, purchase an umbrella wall rack. You can compress or expand them however you like and move your items to the wall. These work great for hanging dangling jewelry items as well.

Shoe Organizers Are For More than Shoes

Many people keep their shoe boxes and stack them on top of the closet shelves. There is so much more floor space that goes unused though. Also, if you stack your shoe boxes on the floor you’re mangling your clothing that hangs low. Consider purchasing a floor shoe rack so your shoes are placed at a nice even level. However, don’t throw away your shoe boxes. You can use them to store out of seasoned clothing. They are excellent for organizing sweaters.

Add a Dresser or Chest

Dressers and chests seem to take up a great deal of space, but they can keep you highly organized. You can comfortably pack and separate clothing items. This helps clear other clutter so you can space out perfumes, jewelry boxes, and anything else you may have piled in a corner in the closet.

Place Items High

Another effective use of out of range storage options are the top shelves of closets. Many females despise using the top shelves because they may not be as tall to reach. The solution is purchasing a sturdy storage trunk. You can keep items tucked away such as bulky blankets and use it to step on and grab items from high when needed.

Change Your Hangers

Finally, another closet space saver is switching your hangers. There are many hangers now designed as a perfect space saving solution. You can purchase individual hangers or the sets that drop down and hang multiple items.