A Custom Home Builder Is Not A Cookie Cutter

April 3, 2013

When you see news stories about the housing market, many times you see dozens of homes in a development area sitting there unsold. Development companies and contractors have purchased blocks of land and use a standard set of home templates to build home after home after home in hopes of making their fortunes. Even exclusive development areas work off of this same business plan to build upscale development communities. However, even for multi-million dollar properties, these aren’t custom designs built by a custom home builder. They are little more than pretty cracker boxes.

A custom home means a lot more than picking a floor plan from stock designs, adding special wall paint and paper and picking out the bathroom fixtures. Truly custom homes are designed from the basement up to be exactly what you want it to be instead of what someone expects you to want. Working with a custom home designer enables you to not only have your home laid out the way you want, have your home look the way you want but also have the functionality you need for your home office, your kitchen and even your garage area.

There’s a lot more to being a custom home builder than simply hanging wall board and laying sub floors. A truly custom builder knows how to take the designs from design firms, plans from an architect and specs from an engineer and convert all of that into the home of your dreams. You’ll have made a million different decisions as a part of your design process from window placement to where you want the electrical outlets and the home builder you want will be able to turn each of those design decisions into a reality.

Simply because a company can build a house doesn’t make them a good choice as a custom home builder. With so many special ideas, unique designs and custom concepts, choosing a home builder that understands how all of those combine into a gestalt for your dream home design will be the home builders you want to consider. It takes a lot more than being able to pick a floor plan out of a book to design a custom home and it takes a lot more than being able to drive a nail to build a custom home.