4 Advantages of a Finished Basement

July 22, 2013

Having a basement in your home can be a very good thing. It gives you a place to store stuff that you rarely use such as Christmas decorations or that trunk full of high school memorabilia, but it also gives you a space you can have a workbench for craft projects. However, most basements are usually chilly, damp and not very well lit and there are so many more things you can do with a finished basement that you can’t with one that isn’t. If you have a basement, are you thinking about finishing it? Here are some great things you can do with a finished basement:

Game Room/Man Cave

Why not make a room downstairs devoted to fun? Once the basement is finished, the environment is right to put in a pool table, arcade games, a foosball table or even couches and chairs surrounding a big screen TV so the guys can go downstairs and watch sports.

Guest Room/Extra Bedroom

Having a finished basement means you’ve got the additional space to have relatives visit or to provide an extra bedroom for a growing family.

Reduce Utility Bills

Finishing your basement means you’ll have additional insulation in the walls, in the ceiling, and on the floor. You’ll have also taken steps to ensure the basement is sealed against seepage and dampness. Between these factors, your overall heating and cooling bills should decrease, and in some cases, that decrease is dramatic.

Increase Home Value

Having your basement finished also adds to the overall value of your home. A $10,000 investment in your basement can add tens of thousands of dollars to the overall value of your home which, in today’s housing market, could make the difference between breaking even and making a huge profit.

Finishing your basement is an investment, any way you look at it. If it’s an investment in your home, you’ll come out ahead. If it’s an investment in life enjoyment, you may come out further ahead than mere financial profit. Enjoy your life even more when you have a finished basement in your home.