Are LED Lights Good for All-Around Use in My Home?

December 24, 2015

Yes, having LED lighting in your home is possible and may help you lower your electric bill and create a more relaxing space. Be sure to learn about your appliances, space, and what you may need before purchasing bulbs. This will help make the transition easier and you won’t have to return to the hardware store anytime soon.

Don’t Lose Your Lumens

Lumens are LED lights’ measurement of light productions, much like a CFL light bulbs’ watts. Like watts, the more lumens, the brighter it gets. By purchasing 800 Lumens or more you can easily light up your home without producing nearly as much energy (about 40 percent less than CFLs) and will actually stay cooler because they create less heat.

Companies like IKEA and Home Depot offer LEDs in a variety of lumens and sizes. Often they do not have a comparison chart of lumens to watts because LEDs have become common in homes around the world. Before purchasing your new light bulbs be sure that your appliances are compatible or can be converted in necessary.

Hot and Cold

LEDs light bulbs come in a spectrum of cool and warm tones. They can be as bright as “Morning Sky,” or “Candle Light.” This way they can create the perfect lighting for any room or your exterior living space. As studies have shown, many feel more comfortable in warm lighting. Because LEDs have such a spectrum you can have varying warm tones in the living room, kitchen, and bedroom to relax or brighter tones in the home office or garage so you may pay attention to your task (new research article or your dream car.)

Outdoorsy Type

Using LEDs can be wonderful for outdoor areas like patios or decks. They can be a great way to add warm lighting to make you and your guests comfortable without sitting in the dark. Despite what some may tell you, LEDs still attracts bugs because they do contain blue light, which, as it turns out, attracts insects. Be sure to light a few citronella candles and Tiki torches to keep the buzzing at bay.

Using LEDs to light your home can help you save money, cut down on pollution and consumption, and may create a cozy, more relaxing home for you and your family. Be sure to research all your options before making any decisions and find out what will be best for you.