Attached Garage vs Detached Garage

March 29, 2016

A garage can have a plethora of uses. They can be a workshop, a play area, a storage unit, where the band meets, or a great place to park your car. When you are building your garage there are a few things you need to consider. First, why do you need a garage? Do you need it for your car or the tons of stuff that is beginning to crowd your home? If the latter is the case, go through your house and see what there is to donate before make such an investment in your home.

Once you’ve made the decision to get a new garage and the reasoning for it, you will want to decide who it will be designed. One of the struggles homeowners deal with when building a garage is if they want to make it attached or detached. There are positives and negatives to each design but you must decide which is best for your home and your family.

Attached Garage

An attached garage can be great for snow days or rainy morning commutes. This way you can still dress in office attire without possibly getting your new suede jacket ruined or sprinting to your car from home with a bag over your hair. It does, however, mean you will have to make sure the door is in working order and you will have to keep the garage somewhat heated so the door does not freeze or any appliances on inside the garage malfunction because of hot or cold temperatures.

Attached also makes it easier to have a room above the garage. This way if you or one of your family members want a little more space they can have it over the garage without being completely detached from the house.

Detached Garage

Having a detached garage can be perfect for parents of music enthusiast. If your children are noisy from time to time giving them some space through a detached garage. They can have practice in the garage or you can build their room on top of the garage so they have plenty of room to themselves. If you decide to build the room on top of the detached garage be sure to properly insulate the room and make sure the construction will be sturdy. Otherwise, you may have a drafty room and an unhappy child.