Bathroom Fixtures: The Details in Your Bathroom

January 22, 2015

Your bathroom is full of all kinds of details that can seem, on the surface, rather pointless to quibble over. Where will your bathtub be and how will it be positioned vis-à-vis your toilet and sink? Will it be a walk-in shower or an actual bath-tub? Will it be built into the wall or a free-standing bath-tub? Will the sink be a double or a single, and how will the cabinet be built into it – if at all? Will there be a cabinet behind the mirror? The questions just keep on going, and if you’re having your own house custom-built, then you know that they don’t really end until the house is finished! Still, there are some smaller details that you might regret overlooking for your bathroom, such as the type of knobs and faucets you use in your bathroom.

The Practical Part of Your Bathroom

Your sink and bathtub’s knobs are the things people will spend the most time interacting with, so the first thing you need to ensure is that they are functional. Is it clear what is hot and what is cold war? Is it clear how to turn them, and can they easily be turned in reverse? This all sounds elementary, childish even, but if you choose a set of knobs that are too elaborate and fantastic, you and your guests will often be beguiled by mere bathroom knobs. Avoid the embarrassment of such confusion with something simple, efficient, and elegant.

Elegance and Fun

Your faucets, on the other hand, can be a little more on the complex side, design-wise. Swooping shape and designs are not uncommon, and you can have your faucet held quite high above the sink or quite low, as is your preference. Meanwhile, the faucet in your bathtub should have a design that, while elaborate as you like, avoids trapping and pooling water, as that can be corrosive over time – forcing you to inevitably replace your beautiful faucet far sooner than anticipated.

The material you choose for your faucet can vary greatly depending on your personal tastes. Nickel-plated, brass, or cold stainless steel are all possibilities. In fact, your choice of materials is really only limited to your imagination; if it can be worked and shaped into a reliable piece of plumbing, then it is available! It’s not always what you want price-wise, though, if money is an object; if it isn’t, well then, why not do something fun and original with your bathroom?