The Best Wood Flooring For Your Custom Home

November 11, 2014

So many parts of your home can be said to be the most important part. Some would say that your roof is the most critical element of your home; after all, the quintessential importance of your home is in its ability to provide shelter from the elements, be they rain, sun, snow, or wind. Others would argue that your walls are the most important part, as they keep unpleasant things out and pleasant things in. Finally, others would point to the framing or supports of your home, as without them, nothing can stay standing for very long, now can it? Yet still others would argue that your choice of the floor is what makes your home, and they may have it right.

The Right Kind of Wood

Your floor will define how your home is viewed. Homes with lots of shag carpeting, for example, are seen as forever stuck in the ‘70s, while homes with lots of vinyl flooring are seen as, well, cheap and inexpensive and not terribly stylish; just a sign of the times, we suppose. No, today the expectation is that you will have hardwood floors, as that is certainly what everyone is looking for on the homebuyer’s market. Yet you are faced with several choices as far as just what kind of wood you want to use for your hardwood flooring, as each has their own particular benefits.

Hickory and oak, for example, are considerably harder than the alternatives and can withstand a heavy amount of traffic. If you plan to entertain many guests, or just have a big family, this is likely the wood for you unless you want to be changing out your flooring every few years. On the other hand, pine is softer, but if pine is your style, then that may not matter to you. Finally, maple is more of a medium-hardness wood, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to explore that medium option! Ultimately, just make sure you choose high-quality wood – you won’t regret having it for years to come!