2016 Parade of Homes Award – Single Family Home

August 25, 2017

Custom Home Group was ecstatic to win the Parade of Homes “Best in Show” award for our Single Family Home and Townhouse submissions.

What is the “Best in Show” Award?

The “Best in Show” award is for single-family homes. It focuses on free-standing residential buildings; specifically those featuring beautiful architecture that seamlessly works with the environment and culture around it. Winning “Best in Show” demonstrates everything the clients, community, and builders believe is important in home construction. Our home in Millcreek does just that.

Notable Features of Our Award-Winning Home

Farmhouse-Style Custom Home

This farmhouse-style home harkens to Lancaster’s farm roots that many hold dear in this community. With simple, but thoughtful, touches this spacious home could make any Lancaster native feel at home. It includes a claw-foot tub in the master suite, glazed cabinets, and an extra-large island in the kitchen.

Relaxed Feel and Open Concept Design

Along with the Millcreek’s homage to all things Lancaster, we also made a point to design the home with an open concept. Doing so created plenty of space to sit and relax. With a gorgeous deck by the creek, and a sunroom leading to the rear deck, there are many places to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view.

Bedrooms on the First and Second Floors

The 4,000 square foot home also contains bedrooms on the first and second floors. This means that a family has plenty of room to grow. For example, grandparents could live on the first floor while parents and children stay on the second floor. This layout is perfect for families that are tight-knit or want to care for their loved ones.

Receiving the “Best in Show” award for our single-family home was a humbling – and fantastic – experience. We were thrilled and superbly honored to have our work showcased in the Parade of Homes. We cannot wait to see what beautiful homes and opportunities the spring 2017 Parade of Homes will bring!