3 Ways Geothermal Heating Will Improve Your Home and Life

November 18, 2014

Energy is on everyone’s lips these days, from talk about the Middle East to fracking to our outdated power grid. We are definitely facing some serious issues that will affect the economy, the environment, politics, and how we live our lives in the years to come. You can help separate yourself from some of those troubles by taking the initiative on your home’s energy needs and forgoing gas, coal, or whatever else you’re being asked to pay, especially for the colder seasons of the year; instead, choose geothermal heating and never look back. There are so many reasons to go with geothermal heating it’s tough to list them all, but here’s a few:

1. More Cost-Efficient

This is obviously the first thing you think about when you consider your energy costs, and not without reason; when we look at the major trends that energy has taken in the past few years, skyrocketing prices are high among them. Geothermal heating is extremely efficient – in fact, it is 400% efficient, with 4 units delivered for every 1 unit of electrical energy expended. This can lower your heating bill by up to 70%!

2. Quiet, Clean, and Safe

Some heating systems are loud, obnoxious, dirty, and frankly unsafe devices that sit in your basement, threatening the health and safety of your entire family. Geothermal units are quiet and have no outdoor unit to make a bunch of racket, and they produce no combustion to create carbon monoxide, a potentially lethal gas!

3. Safe for the Environment

Let’s be frank – what we do affects the environment, from pouring trash onto the side of the road to our choices in fuel. Because geothermal heating does not emit carbon dioxide, it is far safer for the environment than anything else, not contributing to greenhouse gasses nor to the general mass of smog and soot that some areas see.

It’s safe, it’s quiet, it’s clean, it’s cheap, and it’s good for the planet – what’s not to love?!