5 Tips For Better Care of Your Driveway

August 28, 2013

One thing that many new homeowners rarely give any serious consideration to is the proper maintenance of their driveway. At the time of purchasing a home, a person may even mention that the driveway is nice, but no consideration is given to the steps that must be taken to take care of that driveway. Here are some very simple and practical tips for better care of your driveway:

1. Regular Cleaning

You should be sure to clean your driveway on a regular basis. How regular you need to clean it will be based on how much use and abuse it will be taking. You will want to either purchase or rent a pressure washer. This will be the best tool for the job. Check with your builder to find out what is the safest and most effective cleaner to use on your driveway. Cleaning your driveway on a regular basis will prevent stains from building up.

2. Apply Sealant

Applying sealant is one the best things that you can do for your driveway. It will help prevent staining and other degrading damage to your driveway. If you are not comfortable with your ability to apply the sealant yourself, hire a professional to come out and complete the task. Don’t use those guys that go door to door. If the sealant is not properly applied it could actually do more harm than good.

3. No Oil Changing

Do not change your car’s oil in your driveway. Oil leakage onto your driveway is one of the fastest ways to lose control of the maintenance and there is nothing more unattractive on a driveway than oil stains.

4. Repair Cracks Immediately

The moment you notice a crack in your driveway, have it repaired immediately. Cracks are normal in masonry and concrete. They occur when the ground shifts or expands. The quicker you address the issue the longer your driveway will last.

5. No Deicing Chemicals

Deicing chemicals are literally powerful enough progressively eat away your driveway. These chemicals can also drain off into your lawn and cause major damage there as well.