5 Tips for Deep Cleaning Your Kitchen

September 2, 2013

It’s important to keep your kitchen clean. Food prep, general use, and more can build up quickly. Here are the top 5 places to cover and tips for deep cleaning your kitchen.

1. Cleaning the Oven and Stove

Cleaning the oven and stove is one factor about cleaning the kitchen that many people are not fond of. When you think of cleaning a stove or an oven, you may think about stuck or baked on grease and tough food stains and pieces of food that are stuck to the bottom of the oven or to the stovetop. In order to get a sparkling clean oven and matching stove, you can mix one box of baking soda and a generous amount of water that will form a paste-like substance. Spread and smear this paste over your entire oven and stove and let it sit overnight. Depending on the condition that your oven and stove are in, you may not need to let this substance sit overnight.

2. Cleaning the Kitchen Sink

Cleaning your sink should one of the simplest tasks that you have to complete in your kitchen. If you use your sink to wash dishes, you may notice that your sink may have a film or residue that is greasy and your drain may be dirty. The good news in this situation is that baking soda can be used to clean just about anything. Evenly spread the baking soda in your sink. Using a toothbrush, apply a little elbow grease and it’s that simple to get a sparkling clean sink!

3. Cleaning Out the Refrigerator

Having to clean out the fridge is yet another project that not too many people want to take part in. You will have to remove each shelf in your fridge and then remove the compartments that have been set in place for vegetables and fruits. The use of soap, water, and a disinfectant will get the job done beautifully.

4. Getting to the Freezer

Cleaning out a freezer is a little different than cleaning out a refrigerator. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to thaw your food out in order to clean your freezer. You can clean your freezer the same as you cleaned your refrigerator and get the same results.

5. Giving the Kitchen Floor a Good Scrub

Many people save the kitchen floor for last. When you are ready to clean the kitchen floor, you can use water and an antibacterial cleaning solution to make your kitchen floor sparkle and shine. You will also leave your kitchen smelling fresh and clean by using an antibacterial cleaning solution.