4 Tips for Showing Your A/C Some TLC

June 24, 2014

When the season changes, there are several common sense things we can do to prepare for the coming season, with all of its changes in weather, climate, and wildlife, along with our own changes in lifestyle (as per changes in daylight, temperature, and more). Yet often, we neglect to do these things – these simple preparatory measures – because we forget, because we don’t know about it, or because we are simply too busy to tend to it. Yet prepping for a new season can save you tons of money, along with the frustration that can come with a system breaking down or working incorrectly – or simply being inadequate – when that season finally hits. If you’ve ever spent a winter without heat or a summer without air conditioning, you know what we’re talking about!

Summer, in fact, may be the easiest season to prep for; the weather itself is not extreme beyond an increase in heat, and so the only system you really need to tend to is your air conditioning system. So what can you do to ensure that you have some nice, cold air blowing through your home and that your air conditioning system won’t break down mid-summer and make you regret your life decisions? Why, there are four simple steps to ensuring that your summer is a cool one:

1. Clear the Way

First, you want to make sure that your air conditioner has no obstructions around it. Airflow is necessary for large, complex machinery of that sort to function correctly; when shrubs or debris are obstructing the airflow around your air conditioner, that can make it difficult to function properly, and you will simply get less bang for your buck out of it. Some liberal cutting and cleaning is all that is in order here!

2. Do a Filter Check

You use your air conditioner every summer, so in all likelihood, your filter is still pretty dirty from last year. Take some time to check to see if that is the case; if not, you’re good, but if you need a replacement, get it sooner rather than later. A clean filter allows you to maximize your air conditioner’s efficiency, getting more bang for your buck yet again.

3. Change Your Thermostat

This is commons sense, but sometimes we overlook the simplest things. Your thermostat should be set to “cool” so that you can enjoy a nice, cool summer. Otherwise, your air conditioner will not pump out quite the air you’re looking for!

4. Get a Tune-Up

This last one is often not necessary, but if you want your air conditioner operating in top condition, then your best bet is to actually bring a professional in to take a look and help make sure everything is functioning at top efficiency. It will likely end up saving you money in the long run!