Should You Add a Sunroom to Your Custom Home Design?

May 3, 2022

Sunrooms are a lovely part of any custom home. They allow you to experience some of the outdoors without being outside, which is helpful when the weather is unpleasant. They’re great for entertainment, family activities, and are a great setting for indoor gardening if you want. Here’s how to decide if you should add a sunroom to your custom home design.

1. They Add Great Natural Light

The word sun is right there in the name. Sunrooms allow for a nice amount of sunlight to come into your home. With a lot of windows, sunrooms are a great place to soak in the sunshine without exposing yourself to the outdoors if you don’t want to.

If you intend on heating and cooling your sunroom year-round, be prepared to insulate the space. If you only wish to use the room when the weather is nice, you can save money by not installing a separate or split HVAC.

Sunrooms are a great place to have an indoor garden or space for houseplants if you want. All the natural light is great for growing flowers, or even some vegetables and herbs. It is important to control the temperature and humidity for indoor gardening, so keep that in mind if that is how you want to use your sunroom.

2. Sunrooms Add to Your Home Value

Since sunrooms tend to be attractive and beneficial spaces, adding one to your custom home design can help add value. This is great if you ever need to sell your home. Adding extra space raises your home value. A sunroom might be a feature that a prospective buyer might not think of, but upon seeing yours, be very excited about it.

Sunrooms also add to the curb appeal of your home. A higher curb appeal also adds to your home value. So, even if you spend a bit more on adding a sunroom to your design, your home value should make up for it if you ever sell. Plus, you’ll have all the enjoyment of using it while living in your home.

3. You Can Bring the Outdoors Inside

One of the best aspects of a sunroom is that it allows you to experience nature from the safety of your home. This is a great option if you live in a temperamental climate.

If you want to be outside but it’s raining, a sunroom allows you to still sit in natural light, but stay dry. Or if it’s too hot, a sunroom offers you protection from the sun. Adding shades or curtains can offer even more protection and there are plenty of sunroom design ideas to make this space great.

A sunroom is a great place to observe nature, animals, and weather. Adding one to your home can be your own escape to relax, unwind, and have a great view of the outdoors!

4. Sunrooms Add Extra Space

Adding a sunroom is going to give you extra space in your custom home. This space can be used as a family room, an extra dining space, or a craft room. Since these rooms offer a lot of natural light, they are ideal for tasks or events that thrive in natural light.

Sunrooms also just make great sitting rooms. You can create a simple sitting room with just the basic necessities, such as couches, sofas, chairs, and tables. Or, you can make it more lavish and include small water features, paintings, plants, and anything else that strikes your fancy for the perfect comfortable atmosphere.

5. They Can Be Used Year-Round

Depending on what type of sunroom you include in your custom home design, you may be able to use it year-round. A four-season sunroom usually has some sort of heating unit to help make the space comfortable and usable even in the winter. A three-season sunroom is usually comfortable for most of the year, but usually not as much in the winter. 

Either way, you’ll be able to use your sunroom regardless of the weather outside. An outdoor patio, even with a cover, can be uncomfortable to use in the rain; you don’t have to worry about that with a sunroom. You also don’t need to worry about bugs as much either.

These are just a few reasons to help you decide if you should add a sunroom to your custom home design. If you’re ready to get started designing and building your own custom home, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090. We’ll help bring your dream home to life!