How to Add More Storage to Your Bedroom Design

December 20, 2022

When you don’t have enough storage space in your home, it can be stressful. Designing and building a custom home means you get to incorporate as much storage as you need, as long as you include it in the design. Storage can be something general, like a garage or a basement, and it can also be incorporated into the design of individual rooms. Here’s how to add more storage to your bedroom design:

1. Include a Walk-in Closet

Just as a pantry adds more storage to a kitchen design, a walk-in closet is a classic and common way to add more storage to your bedroom design. You do have to give up some square footage in the room to include one, but it’s usually well worth it for the storage space you gain.

In addition to storage, there are several other benefits of walk-in closets that make them attractive features to include in bedroom designs. It does have to be big enough for you to enter to be considered a walk-in closet, but you can be flexible with how large you want it to be.

Between customizable shelving, modular storage, multifunctional pieces that include, and more, there are a lot of things you can do to organize the space and add storage into every nook and cranny. There are many walk-in closet design ideas that work for huge closets and smaller ones to help you make the most of whatever space will be available.

2. Put Shelves in the Bedroom

One of the most straightforward ways to add more storage to your bedroom design is to put shelves in. If you prefer more permanent options, you can add built-in shelving to the design. Built-in storage and getting creative with storage are also kid’s bedroom design ideas and can be a good idea for any bedroom design.

You can also include shelving units or bookshelves in your bedroom furniture or mount shelves or use floating shelves on a wall. Including plenty of storage is one of the master bedroom ideas that applies to designing any bedroom and shelves can be a useful way to get it.

3. Opt for a Platform Bed With Storage

If you’re not particularly attached to a certain type or style of bed frame, consider a platform bed with drawers or storage compartments built-in. This is a way to add more storage to your bedroom design without giving up extra square footage or affecting the layout. Where you plan on placing the bed can have an effect on bedroom lighting design, so this is something to consider.

You may need to adjust bed and furniture placement within the room so you have enough space to access the built-in storage, but this can be a worthwhile option if you don’t want other storage options in other areas of the room. Good bed placement can help you design your bedroom for better sleep, so this is something to think about ahead of time to make sure you still have optimal bed placements available in the layout.

4. Add Furniture With Hidden Storage

Aside from a bed frame with storage compartments, you can also add furniture with hidden storage to your bedroom. Because it is convenient and stylish, furniture with integrated storage is consistently one of the bedroom design trends.

If you will have a chair or area to sit in and need a table, there are plenty of side tables and coffee tables with shelves and hidden compartments to add that bit of extra storage. You can even choose bedside tables with shelves and wireless charging to add some convenient smart home technology for your bedroom.

There are also ottomans and benches that can double as seating with a little bit of extra storage to help things stay organized and clutter-free. Some of these options are even dedicated to a certain type of storage, like small ottomans you can use as a seat that have pockets for storing shoes inside.

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Ignoring storage needs or not having enough storage are some common bedroom design mistakes to avoid. These are just a few ways to add more storage to your bedroom design to inspire you as you think about the bedrooms in your custom home.

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