Advantages of Insulation in the Summertime

April 28, 2016

Mostly, we think of insulation with regard to winter but installing new insulation in your home during the spring and summer months can save you time installing, headache, and money. Here are some of the advantages of insulation in the summertime:

1. Keep cool air in

Though we think of insulation as keeping warm air in and cold air out, it works for cool air as well. Updating your insulation can help you save money during the warmer months because cool air from your AC will stay in your home instead of being inundated by warm air. New insulation is relatively inexpensive and can help lower utility bills throughout the year.

Be sure to change insulation on a cooler day in spring or early summer and keep the area well ventilated. Places where you install insulation can become dangerously hot quickly. The dust can also be inhaled which can lead to temporary respiratory discomfort or pain. Where a dust mask when working with insulation and be sure to cover your extremities. The dust can cause your skin to itch especially combined with heat.

If you follow these precautions you will be able to install insulation quickly, painlessly and you can immediately enjoy the financial and physical advantages of insulation in the summer months.

2. No headache in the winter

Installing insulation in the winter can be dangerous and tedious. Because insulation is usually in attics and walls, many become overheated without realizing it. This can lead to heat stroke, dehydration, and delirium. It is best to keep the area well ventilated during insulation and to do so in warmer months so you are more aware of your body temperature. Snow and weather also play a large role when installing insulation. While you may be indoors, unsupported roofs and walls can cave in during a large snowstorm or create mold if insulation isn’t installed properly. Installing insulation in the spring and summer is best because cave-ins are less likely and walls and ceiling can be fixed relatively quickly during warmer months.

3. Shorter installation time

As mentioned it often takes less time to install insulation in the summer than the winter. This is because transport may not be impeded due to in-climate weather, maintenance can be performed quickly in warmer months, and the insulation will be easier to manage. If you want to install new insulation, you may want to hire a contractor or have an experienced DIY friend or family member help you out. While the stuff may be pink, fluffy, and seemingly harmless, it can become vexing if not handled properly.