5 Useful Basement Design Tips

September 25, 2018

The basement is an often-overlooked room when it comes to interior design. But, it has the potential to be so much more than extra storage, especially if it’s finished. Just because it’s under the house doesn’t mean it has to be out of mind. Here are some useful basement design tips to help you make the most of your space:

1. Plan Potential Uses

Take some time to think about your basement and all the ways you might want to use it. This will help you and your custom home builder choose a layout and design a look that is truly form and function at its best. Plus, if you know you want to use part of the basement as a game room, music room, or for viewing parties, then you know to add some extra insulation or built-in soundproofing around that area.

If you know you want to add a laundry room, a bathroom, or a basement bar, then your custom home builder knows to include appropriate pipes and lines to ensure they are fully functional spaces. Even if you’re not absolutely set on how you’ll use the basement yet, knowing a few potential ideas for unused basement space will help narrow down the options so you can plan a functional space. Going in with these ideas will help your custom home builder take all the proper mechanical equipment into account and work with you towards a design that works for you.

2. Consider the Layout

The overall shape of the basement generally follows the rest of the house. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t add partition walls or additional structure to create separate rooms or enhance the layout. If you already have ideas on how you want to use the basement, you can use that information to help plan the layout.

For example, if you want to add a bedroom to the basement, you need to make room around the perimeter in the layout for it, so it has access to a window. Viewing parties can go in a darker space. This will help reduce glare to enhance the clarity of what’s on the TV and help to create a home theater atmosphere.

3. Build Storage into the Plans

One of the most useful basement design tips is to build storage into your plans. Knowing how you want to use your basement helps you plan better for storage. Even if you don’t know exactly how you want to use it yet, you can still build storage into the basement plans to ensure you have enough.

If there will be a walk-out entry in your basement, it makes sense to add a closet nearby to easily store coats, boots, and more. A basement is also a popular place for a laundry room, bulk storage, or overflow pantry storage.

4. Add Plenty of Light

Basements have a bad reputation for being dank and dark. Your finished basement should be waterproofed and insulated correctly so that moisture is not an issue. As for lighting, take advantage of as much natural light as you can.

From there, add plenty of light fixtures to illuminate your basement rooms. Decorating with light and bright colors will also help expand the room and provide a brighter atmosphere. This will help your basement become a room people will want to spend time in just as much as the rest of the house.

5. Use Upstairs Interior Design Downstairs Too

Just because you’re going to the basement doesn’t mean it can’t be as glamorous as the upstairs. One of the valuable basement design tips is to take the same interior design approach you have for the upstairs and bring it down into the basement. Dressing up the walls and adding wall trim like wainscoting can help dress up the basement.

Warm lighting can help boost the mood and the general atmosphere of the room. Adding cozy furnishings can help boost the comfort level and encourage lounging. Whatever your overall theme is for the rest of your home, don’t forget to bring it into the basement for a complete look and an area you will love just as much.

It’s easy to overlook the basement when you’re thinking about the rest of your dream home, but there are many benefits of a finished basement and even more when it’s considered during design. By working with a custom home builder with a design/build process, all the details are considered, including the basement. Contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090 to make your dream home a reality!