Basement Pros and Cons

September 8, 2017

Typically the word “basement” doesn’t have the most appealing implications. However, it doesn’t have to be that way! A basement can be a place of comfort and convenience. It is what you make it, after all. Here are some basement pros and cons to help you determine whether it’s right for you:

3 Basement Pros

1. Extra Storage

Extra storage space is always welcome. Having a place to keep miscellaneous odds and ends is crucial for overall tidiness. Additionally, it will keep stress away from having to move other furniture or items to make room for everything.

2. Entertainment Space

Basements can be transformed into whatever you need them to be. For example, entertainment or training rooms. When it comes to entertainment or training, whether it be exercising, voice acting, or practicing an instrument, a lot of noise is bound to happen. Keeping it in the basement isolates sound, so its users can perform freely without disturbing others.

3. Installation Space

If your home requires sensitive equipment, like a pressure tank, water heater, boiler, or furnace, a basement is a perfect place to install it. Basements keep them out of the way – both for safety and aesthetics. Also, utilizing the cool environment so they neither overheat or freeze is a smart choice!

3 Basement Cons

1. Maintenance Required

Given that they are underground, basements need a lot of work for usability. Without some TLC, basements tend to live up to their unpleasant reputation. Before planning that home gym, you’ll need to properly set up wiring and insulation.

2. Lighting Takes Effort

Lighting will always be a bit of a hassle, even with a daylit basement. Windows may be out of the question, which means you will definitely need to have extra light fixtures. It may require a little extra work to give the room color and life.

3. Increased Humidity

Basements are prone to humidity. This can leave your rooms damp, and with an unpleasant smell. Humidity can also be a health hazard, particularly to people with asthma or other conditions that make it difficult to breathe. You will need to have very good insulation, or a decent humidifier to avoid humidity complications.

Basements open up a world of possibilities. From storage to entertainment, and more! Remodeling a basement, however, is an extensive – and pricey – process you should only get into once you’re prepared. If you think you’ll want one, it’s better to build it into your custom home design before your project breaks ground. There are many benefits of a finished basement and they have so much potential. With careful planning, you can create your ideal space!