7 Popular Bathroom Design Trends of 2019

April 25, 2019

When you get the chance to work with a custom home builder to design and build a custom home, every part of it is built to your specifications and needs. Choosing all the details for a room can be overwhelming, especially when you start getting into what’s on-trend, what’s going out of style, and what will provide a more timeless look. Instead of focusing only on what’s popular now, use current trends as inspiration to help pick out things you like and also identify things you don’t like. From there, you can work with your custom home designer to ensure you end up with a look you’ll love and one that you don’t have to worry about going out of style. Here are a few popular bathroom design trends of 2019 to inspire you:

1. Make Smaller Spaces Stand Out

Large bathrooms can take on a life of their own. Because they have more space, and usually more design elements, large bathrooms tend to stand out on their own. But, what about smaller spaces like powder rooms? Powder rooms and smaller bathrooms provide a great opportunity for a big statement.

Statement walls and statement art are both popular for making a small space stand out and are even popping up in large bathrooms as well. Whether it’s a large artsy mirror, a high-contrast wall, or another statement piece, ensuring there is an element to help the smaller space stand out can make a big impression.

2. You Can’t go Wrong with Classic Neutral or Bold Black

When you look at overall trends, it can sometimes seem like some of them are contradictory. These two popular bathroom design trends of 2019 are a good example of that. In 2019, you can’t go wrong whether you go with a classic neutral look or go with a bold black look for your bathroom. You probably don’t want to mix them, but going with one or the other for a bathroom design can give the room a great look and feel.

Neutral Palette

A neutral palette can give you a warm, bright bathroom with a classic look. You can also use a monochromatic element in the space to add a modern feel to the design. This can be something like using one color or one material throughout the whole space. The classic tile look and use of motifs can be great additions to the space.

Bold Black

Darker walls can sometimes make a space look smaller than it is, which can make bold all-black bathrooms a challenge to get right. But, when done right, black bathrooms can provide an indulgent feel and a high-end look. Putting this sultry look to work can result in a bold, luxurious bathroom design that gives you a high-end spa feel right at home.

3. Unique Plumbing Fixtures are all the Rage

Unique plumbing fixtures in your bathroom are on-trend in 2019. Pewter and gunmetal bathroom fixtures are gaining popularity. They tend to be softer than pure black, brass, or gold fixtures and still add texture and depth to your bathroom. On top of that, your bathroom design can feature exposed plumbing in your shower for a unique look that stands out.

4. Open Concept Master Bed and Bath Combinations are Gaining Popularity

In 2019, open concept design isn’t limited to living rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms. This year, open concept is starting to pop up in the master bedroom as well. Having a little bit of a barrier between the bedroom and bathroom to provide some privacy still matters.

However, in this bathroom design trend, it’s all about creating an open concept between your master bedroom and bathroom. It may not be for everyone, but it is certainly a popular trend for anyone who wants to get ready in a more open, freer space.

5. Focus on Durable Materials with a Natural Look

Marble, particularly white and gray marble, is a popular material for both kitchens and bathrooms – this year is no different. Durable materials that provide a natural look, even if they are man-made materials, continue to be on-trend in 2019.

Quartz, porcelain tiles, and white and gray marble can provide a traditional or modern look. These materials are also classic and timeless, which makes them versatile materials that can fit seamlessly into almost any bathroom design.

6. Create the Spa Experience at Home

Designing your bathroom to recreate a spa-like experience at home continues to be popular in 2019. Bathrooms are utilitarian, but they are also an experiential space and can be used to unwind. In addition to a spa-like look, there are also spa-like additions that are gaining popularity.

Marble slabs with hidden drains are popping up in walk-in showers for a luxurious, high-end look and feel. In-home infrared saunas are another bathroom addition that can take your bathroom design from a standard relaxing space to a true spa experience.

7. Upgrade Elements for a High-Tech Bathroom

Technological advances mean there are a lot of integrations available for more rooms in your home. Vanity mirrors with built-in LED lights can give your bathroom a high-tech look while other elements can provide a high-tech experience.

Smart home technology for your bathroom like faucets and fixtures with motion detectors, automatic temperature control, and more can upgrade your bathroom use. Touchscreens integrated into the mirror can also provide control for lighting, control music, provide information, and more. Something as simple as heated towel racks can add a high-tech element to your bathroom while also providing something luxurious.

Getting the look and feel right in your bathroom is one step towards the perfect custom home for you. One or more of these bathroom design trends of 2019 can help you get there and working with the right custom home builder can help you through the rest. If you’re ready to make your dream home a reality, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!