16 Bathroom Design Trends of 2024

January 29, 2024

Whether getting ready to go out, go to bed, or just relax, the bathroom is an important room in your home. It needs to be functional, first and foremost, but it should also be comfortable and relaxing. If you’re not sure what you want, trends can be a great way to figure out what you like and what you don’t like. Here are some of the top bathroom design trends of 2024 to help inspire your bathroom design:

bathroom vanity with wallpaper accent1. Consider a Little Brass

Brass finishes are still one of the top bathroom design trends of 2024. Not only does this finish add a little brightness and color to your bathroom, but it can also add a little luxe to the design as well. Brass finishes make great accents as mirror frames, drawer handles and pulls, lighting fixtures, other bathroom fixtures, and more.

2. Mix and Match Metals

Brass can be a popular choice for metal bathroom fixtures, but it is certainly not your only choice. And, thanks to the rising popularity of mixing metals in bathroom design, you don’t necessarily have to only pick one type of metal or finish for all of your fixtures and hardware.

Opting for copper on cabinet hardware in the bathroom can be a great way to add copper decor to your home design while still leaving options open in other areas for other metals that you like. Playing around with different metals and finishes like this in the bathroom can add an interesting layer to your bathroom design and also allows you to mix different types of materials in different ways.

You still need to mix and match metals and finishes well to achieve the cohesive atmosphere you want in the bathroom, but you have some flexibility for experimenting. Not everything has to be the same finish; as long as things are complementary, even if they contrast, you can still get the look and feel, and consistency, you want.

bathroom vanity with gold cabinet hardware3. Get Creative With Metallic Accents

When it comes to metal in the bathroom, faucets and fixtures tend to be what comes to mind first. But, there are a lot of other options that allow you to play with metal and get creative with it. Although you have to be careful not to go overboard as they can easily overwhelm a room, one of the bathroom design trends is to include metallic accents and get creative with them.

This is also an Art Deco bathroom design idea that can help you add a touch of glamour. Shimmery lighting fixtures, brushed towel racks, and even metallic accents in the floors, walls, and more are ways this trend is manifesting.

Marble with colors reminiscent of gold, silver, and other metallics is a subtle way to include this trend. Shiny metallics, especially silver or gold accents, in wallpaper is another way this trend is showing up, sometimes in blocky, simple designs and sometimes in intricate art deco-inspired or geometric patterns.

4. Think About a Floating Vanity

The type, style, and storage of a bathroom vanity are some of the questions to ask when planning bathrooms for your custom home. There are several types of vanities to choose from, and each type or style can generally be customized further to suit your needs.

Wall-mount vanities may traditionally have crisp lines for a more contemporary look, but they are also highly customizable. They are also a popular option for wet room bathrooms. Floating vanities may not have quite as much built-in storage space as freestanding vanities with a storage base, but they certainly don’t lack storage space.

Instead of hiding storage below the vanity, floating vanities leave the space open between the vanity and the floor. Not only does the wall-mounted vanity save space, provide tons of options for customization, and create an interesting look, but it also allows you to use that space between the vanity and floor however you want.

You could add some baskets or shelves for some visible storage that also adds a decorative touch to the bathroom. You could also leave this space clear to allow the bathroom wall options to shine and give you some space for your feet.

master bathroom with separate tub and walk-in shower5. Make Space for a Soaking Tub

Walk-in showers are great for getting ready quickly, but nothing beats a long, relaxing soak in a bathtub. And, there are several types of bathtubs available to help you make a freestanding tub work in your bathroom design if you want one.

A deep soaking tub continues to be a top bathroom trend and can be the perfect addition to your primary bathroom. Not only are there several types of bathtubs to choose from, but they can also help you create a spa-like relaxing bathroom retreat in your custom home.

Plus, it’s a versatile element to add to your bathroom. All deep soaking tubs take up some space, but they can look pretty much however you want. Whether you prefer Art Deco, rustic, farmhouse, or another interior design theme, you can get a bathtub that fits right in.

A freestanding tub, usually in addition to a walk-in shower, is one of the ways to create a farmhouse master bathroom. In addition to plenty of styles, it’s also becoming more popular to play around with materials and colors in tubs. Black freestanding tubs are starting to gain popularity with this trend as well.

6. Consider Integrating Your Shower and Bathtub

Although freestanding tubs are a popular bathroom design trend, interesting integrations are also on the rise. But, it’s not like the traditional cramped shower-tub combinations; with this bathroom design trend, the two-in-one shower and bath concept is completely reinvented.

With this reinvented, more creative type of integration, the shower and tub are usually built next to each other and tend to feature a glass divider. Although they occupy the same space in the bathroom, they are still treated as two separate entities.

Instead of a combination or a true integration of the two items into one, this bathroom design trend is more about creating a mini wet room within an area of the bathroom to maximize space, practicality, and convenience. It can be a good solution for someone who wants to focus more on function, achieve a minimalist look, and leave square footage for other things.

vanity in master bath7. Use Integrated Lighting for a Sleek, Minimalist Look

Although lighting fixtures can add an interesting design element, you don’t necessarily need to have them visible or taking up space. One of the home lighting trends is to use minimalist integrated lighting. As lighting technology and construction techniques continue to advance, there are even more options available for integrating lighting into architecture, whether it’s simple backlighting or something more complex.

Not only does this help create a sleek, minimalist look in your bathroom, but it also allows you to customize where you need light the most without taking up a lot of space. Mirrors with integrated lighting tend to be the most popular option, but you can integrate lighting in other areas as well. Playing with light like this is one of the bathroom design ideas that has a big effect on the look and feel of the room, especially as one of the windowless bathroom ideas if one of your bathrooms will be lacking in natural light sources.

You can also pair integrated lighting with dimmers and other options to be able to control what you’re lighting and how bright the lighting is as well. These lighting choices can also have the option to integrate with an app on your phone to help you easily manage lighting to get the light you want when you want it. LED lighting and customization like this in lighting is one of the eco-friendly bathroom ideas that can also help you use energy more efficiently.

squared sink with marble countertop and white cabinets8. Think About Including Marble or Quartz

Although travertine, limestone, and warmer earthy tones are becoming more popular as bathroom floors, marble is still a top bathroom design trend in 2024. Marbleized wallpaper, especially in small areas or powder rooms, can provide a little luxury, glamour, and interest to the space.

Unusual marble with rich tones and bold designs can add a unique element to your bathroom design. Zebrino, Paonazzo, Arabascato, and more are unique materials that are popping up with this bathroom trend. With marble being one of the best bathroom countertops too, there are a lot of ways to use it.

They can be used on the sink, the shower, and more for a unique and original look. As with any type of sink or material, there are pros and cons of quartz sinks and marble sinks too; evaluating them can help you determine which material would be best for your needs.

Also, quartz is a popular choice for bathroom countertops. As one of the most popular kitchen countertop materials, it’s no surprise to see quartz also being popular in bathroom design. Continuing in 2024, quartz countertops tend to be lighter, warmer finishes.

9. Opt for Large-Format Wall Tiles

Large-format tiles are one of the popular flooring trends that are making their way into bathroom design as well. Although smaller tiles are a great choice for creating mosaics or adding an accent to a shower wall, large-format tiles are becoming more popular for bathroom walls. Large-format wall tiles can create an interesting aesthetic and make a big impact with fewer visible grout lines.

These large-format slabs are a popular choice for shower surrounds. They also tend to create a luxurious look when paired with natural materials and materials that look like stone. Plus, fewer grout lines also make these tiles easier to clean and maintain.

master bathroom10. Use Shapes to Your Advantage

Choosing mirrors with interesting shapes is one of the bathroom mirror ideas. You can also incorporate shapes into the materials you use. Tile is a popular material for bathrooms and regularly shows up in bathroom design trends. Rectangular subway tiles can give your bathroom a polished, sleek, and clean look. But, tile is also a versatile material and you can play around with shapes for a unique and interesting aesthetic.

Obsessed with mermaids? Scalloped tiles can give your bathroom a mermaid makeover, some nautical bathroom decor, or just add a classy modern look. Scallops, hexagons, and more are all tile shapes showing up in this top bathroom trend.

On top of that, you can play with color and glossy finishes as well as different bathroom ceiling ideas. Plus, with partially-tiled walls and things like wainscoting continuing to gain popularity in bathrooms, you have a lot of options available. Whether you want a more modern look or want to explore vintage bathroom design, there are plenty of ways to help you get the look you want.

wallpaper accent wall in powder room11. Consider Including Wallpaper

Using wallpaper as an accent wall and using it in some way in bathroom design are both wallpaper trends and bathroom design trends that are gaining popularity again. One of the ways this trend is manifesting is to use wallpaper as an accent and to choose intricate and interesting designs to become like works of art.

Depending on the colors, prints, etc. you choose and the rest of the bathroom design, wallpaper can help you make the ceiling stand out, experiment with or enhance textures, include bold colors or patterns, subtly enhance your color palette, and more.

12. Add Technology for Added Convenience

Technological advances mean there are a lot of integrations available for more rooms in your home. The bathroom is no exception to this rule. Vanity mirrors with built-in LED lights can give your bathroom a high-tech look while other elements can provide a high-tech experience. These are also some double vanity bathroom ideas.

Smart home technology for your bathroom like faucets and fixtures with motion detectors, automatic temperature control, smart toilets, and more can upgrade your bathroom use. Touchscreens integrated into the mirror can also provide control for lighting, control music, provide information, and more.

Something as simple as heated towel racks can add a high-tech element to your bathroom while also providing something luxurious. Heated flooring is a more permanent and involved feature that continues to gain popularity for its comfort, luxury, and ability to make a cold bathroom warmer.

bathroom with walk-in shower and jacuzzi tub13. Add a Touch of Nature

Adding a touch of nature can improve the atmosphere in any room. Although it may not be the first place that comes to mind when decorating with houseplants, there are plenty of plants that can do well in bathrooms.

The best plants for bathroom decor tend to be easy to care for and thrive in the humidity of a bathroom. Spider plants are known for being hard to kill and thriving in all sorts of situations, and they can be a good fit for the bathroom too.

When in doubt, you can almost always fall back on succulents. Succulents are hardy little plants that do well just about anywhere. Whether you want to put a touch of natural greenery on the sink, in a corner, on a windowsill, etc. there’s a plant that will fit right in.

glass tile waterfalls in walk-in shower with built-in shelves14. Focus on Upgrading the Shower

Whether you put showers and tubs in separate parts of the bathroom, put them side-by-side in an integrated space, or just have a shower, one of the bathroom design trends of 2024 is to focus on upgrading the shower with luxurious and functional details. Not only can this elevate your shower, but it can also help create a timeless bathroom design

Multiple showerheads and high-tech showerheads, in addition to integrating steam showers, are becoming more and more popular. Built-in seating, various shower niche ideas for in-shower storage, intricate design details and features, and more are all upgraded elements showing up in walk-in showers.

15. Play With Texture

Another one of the bathroom design trends of 2024 is to play with texture. Instead of experimenting with color, although that is still an option, this trend focuses on experimenting with textures. There are many ways to add texture to your walls that can do well in the bathroom, but you are not limited to only the walls with this bathroom design trend.

In this trend, textures are usually paired with a cleaner, more minimal color palette so the focal points can be the mixed materials and textures rather than bright colors. Features like tile patterns and shapes, different materials, and custom features, like a fluted backsplash, are all ways to implement this bathroom design trend.

open shower with dual showerheads and tile accent16. Include Features for Accessibility and Aging in Place

Another one of the popular bathroom design trends that continues to become more common is designing a bathroom with accessibility in mind and including aging-in-place features. Choosing the right flooring, optimizing lighting, and including accessibility features are all tips for age-in-place bathroom design that can work well in a variety of bathroom styles and designs even if aging in place is not necessarily the main goal.

Curbless showers can make a bathroom more accessible while also helping to create a sleek, minimalist look and feel in a bathroom. There are pros and cons of curbless showers and they may not necessarily be the right fit for everyone. But, if they work well for the look you want, you’ll have the extra bonus of a more accessible shower as well.

Something as simple as adding grab bars and opting for lever handles instead of knobs or twisting fixtures can increase accessibility while subtly enhancing decor. Lever handles are popular options for bathroom fixtures regardless because of their ease of use and sleek look, which also means they fit well with several styles.

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