Beauty and Style on the Parade of Homes

May 6, 2014

As cities grow and expand and increasingly become more important to how we do business, more and more of our jobs and businesses will be located in major metropolises like Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. This presents a dilemma, however, for even as more and more of us work in the city, that doesn’t mean we all want to live in the city. In fact, city-living can lock you out of certain lifestyle choices that you may otherwise have always dreamed of choosing.

What You Can Expect

For example, what about a lawn? A big dog or other pets? A large garden in which to grow flowers along with fruits and vegetables, and of course you’d want a compost heap to go with it – what about that?  There are so many things that you really can’t do in the limited space the city affords, which is why more and more professionals are living in communities like Lancaster and simply commuting – and increasingly, telecommuting! – to their place of business every day. The trip isn’t as far as you’d think, and it’s made worth it when you get to return to your own private castle in Lancaster.

As a result of all of these professionals living in Lancaster, we’ve been treated to a number of very beautiful and originally-designed houses across the county. These homes do more than offer a beautiful structure that adds to the landscape; they also inspire us in the designs of our own homes, providing new blood and fresh ideas for the architectural landscape of Lancaster County.

How the Parade of Homes Helps Lancaster

That’s why the Lancaster Parade of Homes is such a huge event that draws so many participants every year. The event provides an opportunity not just for homeowners to show off the work and love they have put into their homes, but they are also an opportunity for other county residents – and residents-to-be – to see some of the home designs that can now be seen in Lancaster County. These, in turn, inspire us to build our homes with some of the features and designs we see in the Parade of Homes, spreading good building and design principles across the region!

The Parade of Homes offers a number of features and amenities in homes, including a range of architectural and trim styles, including craftsman, cottage, arts and crafts, shaker, colonial, and other stylish, modern, traditional, and high-quality styles. In addition, spacious gourmet kitchens, unique fireplaces, wrap-around porches, home automation, patios and balconies, and more. Regardless of what your taste is as far as luxury homes are considered, you will find what you are looking for.