5 Benefits of a Walk-In Pantry

November 5, 2019

When you are planning a new home, one of the areas that should receive some special consideration is the kitchen. When thinking about the kitchen, it’s common to consider cabinet layout, whether there will be an island or a breakfast bar, and what model of appliances to include. All of these considerations are important, but it can be all-too-easy to forget to consider the possibility of incorporating a walk-in pantry into a kitchen space. The benefits of a walk-in pantry are many and, as such, they are a feature that should be considered in the planning phase of your dream home. Here are a few benefits of a walk-in pantry to help you decide if this kitchen feature is right for you:

1. More Storage Space

The first benefit of a walk-in pantry is that they provide you with a much greater amount of space for food storage. In fact, adding a walk-in pantry is one of the ways to add more storage to your kitchen design. A walk-in pantry allows you to stock more non-perishable items while also giving you more room for perishable items that do not require refrigeration.

Not only does this additional storage space allow for fewer trips to the grocery store to re-stock items, but it also ensures that you are less likely to run out of essential items for meal preparation. After all, you will have plenty of room to stock multiples of many of the kitchen essentials you need. As these operate like a room, when you build them you will have more freedom with space than if you would just add another cabinet.

2. Flexible Organization

Due to the increase in storage space, a walk-in pantry allows for more customization in how you store your food items and kitchen supplies. Kitchens without walk-in pantries are often limited for storage options so they operate less efficiently.

By having adequate storage space, and flexibility within it, you can enjoy a more functional kitchen area because items are more easily organized, seen, and accessed. Plus, implementing strategic pantry organization ideas can help you further maximize the storage space available in your walk-in pantry.

3. Storing Large Appliances is Easy

Walk-in pantries make storing larger kitchen items a breeze. They’re also great options for including appliance garages. With all of the newfound space, you will be able to free up counter and cabinet space from appliances that get used less frequently. Items like toasters, toaster ovens, electric grills, and bread machines are just a few of the items that can find a better home in a walk-in pantry.

Likewise, larger cookware and cooling racks can be moved to a walk-in pantry. These items often take up large amounts of cabinet space and can result in dishes being crammed into the few remaining cabinets. The same is true for other kitchen supplies. Extra bottles of dish detergent, soap, foil, ziplock bags, wax paper, and more are also good things to move to a walk-in pantry in order to free up cabinets and drawers for other items.

You can even use a walk-in pantry to create separate zones in your kitchen. Not only is this a classic element of wet and dry kitchen design, but it is also an approach you can take to overall kitchen design to make sure you have an organized layout that works well for your needs. 

4. Centralized Storage is Convenient

The centralized storage space a walk-in pantry provides is convenient, especially in such a busy room of your home. A walk-in pantry has the ability to hold a great number of kitchen necessities. So, having everything in one place is a nice benefit when you are looking for something specific or grabbing multiple items for meal prep.

Additionally, when you come home from the grocery store, unloading items out of grocery bags is a breeze when a walk-in pantry is present in a kitchen layout. Don’t underestimate the value of these small time-savers – they definitely add up!

5. Easier to Keep up With Inventory

If you’ve ever had a kitchen with limited storage space, you know all too well how everything can get shoved into a cabinet. This can make it impossible to see what’s actually in your kitchen inventory! Not only does this make it difficult to determine when items are all gone and need to be replaced, but it also makes it easy to forget what is already on-hand.

This easily leads to buying more of the same items that you already have in stock. Additionally, because it is so hard to take inventory, items can too often get lost in all the disorganization and forgotten about. Next thing you know, you’re cleaning and organizing and you find items you wanted to use but are now past their expiration date.

A walk-in pantry can solve all of these problems. The additional storage space is not only efficient, but it also makes it easier to keep tabs on the food supply in the home. Plus, you can see what ingredients for food prep and cooking are in the pantry at a glance. Ultimately, in this way, a walk-in pantry can help save money and reduce food waste in the home.

Walk-in pantries truly can take the kitchen in your new dream home to the next level. They are time-savers and stress-relievers. And, those are just a couple of the benefits of a walk-in pantry!

When considering your kitchen layout, it’s a good idea to discuss with an experienced home builder how you may be able to incorporate a walk-in pantry within your kitchen layout and home design. If you would like to discuss this and other options for the new home you are envisioning, give us a call at 717-284-4090.