5 Benefits of Ceiling Fans in Your Home

December 9, 2021

Ceiling fans are experiencing a resurgence in popularity in custom-built homes right now. Newer models are trendier and make a statement in any room. They feature on-trend finishes like brushed brass and different types of wood. Here are a few benefits of ceiling fans in your home:

1. They Maximize Cooling and Heating

As you build your custom home, you may be looking for a way to maximize cooling or heating your house. Ceiling fans are a great way to do that and are one of the tips for building an energy-efficient custom home. If you wish to cool your home without running the air conditioner frequently, ceiling fans alone can lower the temperature by a good 4-5 degrees.

If you’re able to open your windows, ceiling fans will help the air circulate, which allows for better air flow and temperature control. And, if you utilize ceiling fans while running the air conditioning, you can set the temperature higher and still have a cooled room. This will help keep your home cool in warm months and can also result in lower cooling bills.

Using ceiling fans during the colder months may seem counterintuitive, but they can actually help better heat your home. Changing the direction of the blades (clockwise in the colder months) will draw the air up and redistribute it, resulting in a warmer room. This way, you can set your furnace at a lower temperature, which helps keep heating costs down.

2. Ceiling Fans Are Functional and Provide Better Lighting

Ceiling fans don’t just cool down or warm up a room. Most ceiling fans have built-in lighting, which offers some great options for lighting. Since they hang from the ceiling, they offer broad lighting. This helps give any room a nice, illuminated look.

Some fans even have dimming features that allow you to control how bright a room is at any given time. This is a great feature for those who prefer warmer lighting or brighter lighting. The temperature control and lighting control is why including a ceiling fan can help you design a productive home office, if you include one in your custom home design.

3. They’re a Great Focal Point

Because ceiling fans come in an impressive variety of styles, it’s easy to find something that works in any home. Think of them as a functional piece of art. If you think a room might be missing a focal point, a ceiling fan could be a great place to start.

Ceiling fans are a great focal point for large rooms or high ceilings. This is why they are one of the great room design ideas. You can even install multiple fans in the same room for a contemporary look, which helps fill the space without filling the room with furniture.

4. Ceiling Fans Add Style to Your Home

Want to add a bit more of a decorative flair to your home? There’s a ceiling fan style for everyone. If your home is more modern, go for a minimalistic fan. Choose a black or polished metal finish if you want a bit of classic glamour.

Looking to decorate with a vintage flair? Choose a Victorian-style fan with ornate decorations like fancy, metal scrollwork. Want to bring some nature into your home? Go with a fan with blades that are shaped like leaves. The possibilities are truly endless!

5. You Can Use Them Outdoors

If your custom home includes an outdoor kitchen or porch, there are ceiling fan options available for those spaces, too! Ceiling fans are one of the only ways to help control temperatures outdoors.

The circulation the fans offer will allow for a nice breeze, which helps keep you cooler in the summer. They’re the perfect addition to any outdoor living space.

Whether you want your custom home to be a modern farmhouse, industrial chic, or another style, there’s a ceiling fan for you and your style. Keep these benefits of ceiling fans in your home in mind as you plan.

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