7 Best Plants for Backyard Privacy

July 20, 2021

There are a lot of options available if you want to add some privacy to your backyard. Although a fence may be the first thing that comes to mind, it’s certainly not the only option. You can also create some privacy with plants and greenery. Here are a few of the best plants for backyard privacy:

1. Arborvitae

Arborvitae is one of the most popular plants for creating a living privacy fence in your backyard. It’s known for being hardy, low-maintenance, and having thick, evergreen foliage. When the trees are spaced properly, they create a dense hedge that provides privacy and shade.

But, you do need to pay attention to which variety of arborvitae you’re getting as they come in a variety of sizes. From dwarf to giant and everything in between, the height and width will vary. This makes it essential for you to take the size of the mature arborvitae into consideration as you plant out your living fence.

2. Bamboo

Although bamboo is generally one of the plants to never grow in your yard because it can be so invasive, there are some species that can work well. There are clumping varieties of bamboo that are slow-spreading.

These varieties can be a good fit for a living wall or fence without being invasive. You can also plant it in large raised containers or planters to help keep it contained and under control.

3. Boxwood

The most common type of boxwood is a deep green, but it is also available in gold varieties and white variegated varieties. It is a popular plant for formal gardens and luxury residential gardens and is usually used as a decorative pruned hedge.

This makes it one of the best plants for backyard privacy. You can keep it pruned and strictly maintained, but you can also let it grow freely as well. Some varieties can grow 20 feet tall when left to grow freely. You’ll likely want to do some pruning and shaping, but you can grow boxwood as a fence or grow it in containers to add some privacy around your yard.

4. Euonymus

Euonymus is a tall shrub that can be pruned into a tree shape or a hedge. When planted close to together, these plants create a lush hedge that serves as a living privacy fence. Not only does it do well in almost all types of weather, but it also tends to withstand poor soil. Additionally, it’s available in several varieties of varying sizes and colors.

5. Holly

Holly is a classic evergreen that can provide some backyard privacy. Plus, it comes in several varieties, so you’re bound to find one that works well with your home and the rest of your landscaping.

This plant is available as a dense shrub as well as a tall tree. And, from green to variegated, there are various colors available too. If you want to avoid the sharp, spiny leaves holly is known for, you can even get a soft-leafed variety.

6. Privet

If you like the sweet smell of flowers and don’t mind doing some maintenance, Privet can be one of the best plants for backyard privacy. It has bright green leaves, can be grown as a hedge, and produces a thick cover of sweet-smelling flowers each spring.

With proper care, privet can add two to three feet in height every year. On the one hand, it’s fast-growing, so you can get the privacy you want quickly. On the other hand, because privet is fast-growing, it needs to be pruned regularly to keep it healthy and to keep it from taking over.

7. Skip Laurel

Skil laurel is known for its dense evergreen leaves and white blooms in the spring. This plant likes the sun and needs well-drained soil to thrive.

When it matures, it can grow into a 10-foot living privacy wall or fence. It does require annual shaping and pruning, so there is some maintenance involved with this option.

These are just a few of the best plants for backyard privacy. A living wall or a living fence made of these plants can be a great way to add privacy to your backyard and improve your landscaping.

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