8 Best Plants for Bathroom Decor

March 2, 2021

Introducing living plants into your bathroom decor creates a pleasant aesthetic for users. No matter what style you are going for, there is a plant that will fit your look. Here are some of the best plants for bathroom decor that are easy to care for, survive well in a bathroom environment, and can mesh well with all types of styles:

1. Asparagus Fern

Ferns tend to do well in moist, humid areas. So, the bathroom is the perfect place for an Asparagus Fern to thrive. It gives off a woodsy, natural feel and can be a great accent to other plants or items.

2. Bamboo

A Bamboo plant can be a simple way to bring a sense of relaxation to your bathroom. These plants come in all shapes, sizes, and beautiful shades of green.

You can display it in a boring corner or another area that needs a bit of height and color without taking up a lot of space. Bamboo plants need a decent amount of water, so you want to display them in a space that is easily accessible.

3. Begonia

There are many types of Begonias, which gives you plenty of options to find a size, shape, and color that works best for you. What makes Begonias a little different is the color and designs on the leaves. These also give this plant a bit of an exotic feel.

4. Cast-Iron Plant

A Cast-Iron Plant is another one of the best plants for bathroom decor. It thrives in a humid environment and it can also be useful for filling up empty space or hiding things you don’t want to be seen.

5. Orchid

You can add some cheer and elegance to your bathroom with a beautiful Orchid. They come in a variety of colors and are fairly adaptable to their environment. Since it is a smaller plant, it would look great sitting next to the sink or on a small pedestal.

6. Peace Lily

A Peace Lily is a great way to add some peace and tranquility with a plant that is easy to care for and thrives indoors. The Peace Lily produces small dainty white flowers. It is a very versatile plant, which makes it easy to add to many decorating styles.

7. Snake Plant

For a modern look, consider adding a Snake Plant. Not only is it low-maintenance, but it is also one of the top plants to help clean toxins in the air. These are a few reasons why it is one of the popular indoor plants for fall. It is also the perfect plant to help hide areas that you don’t want guests to see, such as empty space under a freestanding sink.

8. Spider Plant

The Spider Plant is a delicate and simple addition to your bathroom. One way to display it is to hang it in a basket either from the ceiling or off the wall on a small hook. This often makes it a perfect fit for a small bathroom without a lot of shelf space.

Adding plants is one of the ways to create a relaxing atmosphere at home and it can do the same for your bathroom. These are just a few of the best plants for bathroom decor. As with many plants, they are dangerous if ingested. So, you will want to be careful of which ones you add to your bathroom and how they are hung or places, especially if you have pets or small children.