4 Bohemian Interior Design Ideas for Your Custom Home

December 19, 2019

Home decor is a fun way to create a specific look and feel in a room and showcase your personal style in your home. But, it can be helpful to follow a specific interior design theme or a mix of complementary themes to make sure everything looks like it belongs together. Exploring different styles before you jump into design for your custom home can help you identify themes you like and themes you don’t like. Here is some information about Bohemian style and a few Bohemian interior design ideas to help you determine if this could be a good style for your home:

What is Bohemian Interior Design?

Bohemian interior design can be a bit unconventional, eclectic, and artsy. It often focuses on bright colors, interesting patterns, and layers. Bohemian style is very visually interesting with rich elements and a relaxed atmosphere.

There is a lot of flexibility and variability with this interior design style because it’s known for artfully mixing and matching things and layering things in an interesting way. Similar to Maximalist interior design, it’s easy to go overboard and heavy-handed, so it’s important to keep things balanced to avoid a cluttered, messy, or disjointed look.

4 Bohemian Interior Design Ideas

If you think this could be the right style for you, here are a few Bohemian interior design ideas to help inspire you and create a boho-style home:

1. Layer on Top of a Simple Base Color

Because Bohemian style is all about building layers for visual interest, you want to start with a simple base color. Something warm, inviting, and neutral allows you to build with color and textiles on top of it without overwhelming the room. Ignoring layers is one of the common mistakes to avoid with bohemian interior design.

Starting with a bolder or more vibrant color as a base can be done with Bohemian style. But, it does make it harder to then layer more colors on top of it and still keep that relaxed atmosphere. Too much can often make the room too loud and can create an overbearing, stifling atmosphere.

2. Add Indoor Plants

Indoor plants fit right in with Bohemian interior design because they add visual interest while also adding to the relaxed vibe in a room. They’re a great way to add a pop of color without adding distraction. And, the way you display them can further enhance your decor.

Stands, shelves, planters, hanging baskets, and more can all be used to hold and display your indoor plants while also adding an interesting layer to your decor. Plus, many popular indoor plants also purify the air around them. You just need to be careful if you have small children or pets because many indoor plants are poisonous if ingested.

3. Mix and Match Patterns

Mixing and matching patterns can definitely go wrong really quickly. But, in Bohemian style, layering matching or similar patterns is one of the easiest ways to get the look in a room. An area rug and cushions or seating with a similar pattern can set your room up for a Bohemian look and feel.

At the same time, you don’t have to match patterns. You can mix them and pair contrasting patterns together as well, as long as they complement each other well visually. Keeping with a consistent color theme throughout can help keep things from looking or feeling disjointed. Patterned rugs, colorful pillows, cushions, and throws, and more can all be mixed or matched to create a lush, luxurious Bohemian look.

4. Include Interesting Details

With Bohemian style, you want to create a relaxed atmosphere that feels well-traveled, multi-cultural, artsy, welcoming, and lived-in. With interesting details and accessories throughout your decor, you can help create the look and feel you want. Going for a distressed look with some of your pieces can make them look well-loved and like they have a personal history to them.

Including metallics and mirrors can help a room appear larger and brighter while also adding a little bit of glamor. Mosaic tiles, interesting frames, and more can all add some visually interesting elements to your decor. Art, knick-knacks, and other artistic accessories can help round out your Bohemian style.

These are just a few Bohemian interior design ideas to help kickstart your creativity. Because this interior design style is so flexible and variable, there are a ton of options and combinations available to help you get the artsy, relaxed atmosphere you want.

Partnering with an experienced custom home builder, especially one with an in-house design/build process, can help you get exactly what you want in every room and aspect of your custom home. If you’re ready to bring your dream home to life, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!