7 Bonus Room Ideas for Your Custom Home

April 3, 2018

As you’re planning out your custom home design, why not plan for a bonus room? Every room has potential and can become so much more than just storage. Here are a few bonus room ideas to inspire you for your custom home design:

1. Game Room

When entertaining guests, occupying kids, or creating a space for yourself, having a game room can come in handy. When gaming consoles, foosball tables, air hockey rigs, board games, and more are dispersed throughout the house, things can get cluttered and noisy.

On top of having to remember where all the card games, board games, consoles, and more are in the house, you can also end up with weird pathways and flows for how people move through your home. People busting through the kitchen to get to the living room, and the gaming console, can get old, fast. Plus, rec tables, games, and other items occupy a lot of space.

To make your life much simpler, try adding a game room to your custom home plans or turning a finished basement into the game room. Putting everything in one place consolidates people, activities, and items, and helps to control sound. You can also consider adding some soundproofing options for a quieter home.

Another option is to add a shed to your backyard as a bonus room and turn it into a game room. Game rooms are one of the popular ways to use a shed. With some soundproofing, you can help contain the noise for happy gamers, happy neighbors, and a more peaceful environment inside the main house.

2. Home Office

When you need to work from home, not having a dedicated work space can be very stressful and take a toll on productivity. Home offices provide a dedicated space for all work-related tasks. Plus, you can design a productive home office from the start to help you focus, do your best work, and have more time for your family, hobbies, etc.

Keeping a home office away from all the noise of the rest of the house helps, too. Even for people that don’t work from home, and just need a place to balance the checkbook, make a grocery list, or have a quiet place to read, home offices can be a lifesaver. When equipped with a desk, a lamp, and a closed door, these spaces can be indispensable.

3. Quiet Room

Sometimes you just need to get away – but you can’t leave the house. In situations like these, finding a moment of quiet isn’t easy. Whether you live with your parents, your roommates, or your kids, getting some alone time is critical to wellness.

Instead of escaping to the bathroom or trying to hide away in another room, retreating to a dedicated quiet room can be a much better – and more convenient – solution. Quiet rooms have dim lighting, comfortable seating, and white noise, if that’s what you prefer.

They sometimes have calming music and often have potted plants. They close you off from the world and allow you to regain focus. They are an excellent resource for people who need some peace throughout their hectic day.

You can even implement some soundproofing options to create a quieter space primed for relaxation. Depending on your interests, a quiet room can easily be used as a meditation room, yoga room, reading area, homework room, and more.

4. Hobby/Craft Room

Another great bonus room idea is to use a bonus room as a craft room, art studio, or a studio or workshop for one of your hobbies. If you know you want to use it as a craft room, you can design it specifically for that purpose in order to create the ultimate craft room.

If you like to dance, you could turn it into a dance studio. If your interests are more musical, then a music studio is an option. Plus, if you integrate it into your custom home plans, you can implement appropriate soundproofing during the build for undisturbed practice and a clean recording.

5. Home Gym

A home gym is another good option for people with active lifestyles or who just want to get in more activity at home. There are several home gym must-haves, like the right flooring, enough space to move, and more.

Knowing you want to include a home gym is one of the tips for designing a home gym. And, it gives you the opportunity to create a bonus room that makes a fantastic home gym and that can be repurposed into something else later if you need it.

6. Flex Room

You can also keep a bonus room as an extra room and then figure out how you want to use it later. By approaching extra rooms as flex rooms, you and your builder can create versatile, functional, and valuable spaces where the purpose of the rooms can change over time. There are several bonus room ideas out there, the options are practically endless, and flex rooms make them possible!

7. Home Library

If you love books, have a growing collection of them, and don’t already have a room in your custom home design for it, a bonus room could become the perfect place for a home library.

Built-in shelves are one of the home library design ideas that can give you some built-in space for books. Plus, they can also provide storage or display space for other things if the room ends up being used for something else in the future.

These are just a few bonus room ideas to inspire you. At Custom Home Group, we can give you solid advice during the design/build process so you can use your rooms to their full potential and get exactly what you want in a custom home. Contact us at 717-284-4090 to get started on your dream home!