7 Built-in Desk Ideas

June 6, 2024

When building a custom home, you get to decide on every aspect of the plans, including If you want to add a home office. A dedicated home office can be nice, but maybe you want a desk in another area of your home, such as your kitchen. If that’s the case, some built-in options can seamlessly integrate without taking up extra space. Here are a few built-in desk ideas to try in your custom home:

1. Build a Desk In a Closet

A closet can make the perfect place for a built-in desk. Not only will it have storage above and under the desk area, but you can also easily close the door to hide your workspace. Built-in shelving and drawers along with a countertop will offer plenty of storage, which is a useful closet organization tip.

Don’t forget about lighting! A closet will not have any windows so you will need proper lighting. Track lighting or recessed lighting are popular home office lighting ideas that would work well in a closet.

2. Add One Under a Bunk Bed

Built-in loft beds are features that are great for kids’ bedrooms. Designing a built-in desk to fit under their loft bed not only maximizes space and functionality, but it’s also a cool design feature. A built-in desk under their loft bed allows the rest of the room to be used for playtime or whatever other hobbies they may have.

3. Add Book Shelves Above It

If you’re looking for a creative way to store books, ask for built-in shelving above your built-in desk. Built-in shelving is one of the best ways to store books and can give your office space a bit of a home library feel. If you want to lean into the home library vibe, ask for a rolling ladder to help reach those books on the high shelves!

4. Try an L-Shaped Desk for More Space

If you’re thinking of adding a built-in desk to your home office, consider an L-shaped desk. This desk shape makes the most of corners, which can often be tricky to design around. However, the L-shaped design can work well in a corner and offers you a much bigger workspace area.

Ask for a few built-in cabinets and drawers so you can store files or other office supplies. Forgetting to plan for ample storage is a mistake to avoid when designing a home office.

5. Keep It Simple

Your built-in desk doesn’t have to be large to be useful. Even a small or wasted space can be the perfect place for a built-in desk. Creating a home office space is a great way to eliminate wasted space in your home.

Opt for a desk on the smaller side with only one drawer underneath. If you need more storage, you can always have built-in shelving above.

6. Build One Between Two Bookcases

If you have two built-in bookcases, why not ask for a built-in desk between the two? This will create a combined reading nook and home office space. This unique reading nook idea will not only tie the room together, but you will have plenty of storage between the two bookcases.

7. Add a Built-In Desk to Your Kitchen Design

Popular in the 1980s, built-in desks added a convenient workspace to the kitchen, and you can add a modern one to your kitchen design to get the benefits of an additional, convenient workspace. Kitchen desks are often an extension of your cabinetry and countertop to create a cohesive feel in the kitchen. Often, the countertop is lowered a bit for easier use.

Built-in desks in the kitchen are especially useful because they give you a place to plan out meals, store cookbooks, or even offer your kids a place to do homework while you cook. This space can even double as a coffee bar, especially if you utilize an appliance garage to house your coffee supplies to get the most out of these built-in desk ideas.

These are just a few built-in desk ideas to try in your custom home design. Built-in desks are a great way to maximize space and still offer a place to get some work done. If you’re ready to start bringing your dream home to life, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!