3 Places to Use Calacatta Marble Penny Tile

June 30, 2016

Calacatta marble penny tile is versatile and can add color and light to any room. This form of tile became trendy recently for its rarity and its beauty. Calacatta marble is exceptionally rare and can only be produced from one quarry in Carrara Italy. Originally, Michelangelo introduced Western Europe to this stunning marble. It has been used over the years for flooring and for countertops.


Many are using the Calacatta marble in their kitchens because marble is a wonderful heat sink and can be cleaned quickly and easily. Lately, backsplashes have become popular in modern homes. It keeps your walls safe from possible mold and can add color and light to a wall that may have been dull before. If you decide to use this marble as a backsplash, you may want it professionally installed so there is no chance for error or mold down the road. If you prefer to do it yourself you can order marble with an adhesive sheet already installed.

If you would like to have Calacatta marble for a countertop you will need to have a professional installation. Marble is incredibly heavy and fragile. It must be handled and installed carefully with plenty of attention given to the detail. Once it is installed, it will last a lifetime and can bring beauty and light to your kitchen.


Using Calacatta marble for your bathroom floor or shower can help the room stay clean in the long run and it will look absolutely stunning and luxurious. If you would like to do this you will absolutely need to have it installed professionally. Be sure to hire someone who has plenty of experience remodeling bathrooms and has used marble before. This way you will not worry about cracks, fractures, or any possible errors down the road.


You can have marble in your patio or outdoor space to bring luxury outside. If you decide to use marble in your outdoor space you may want to consider using it as flooring or as a tabletop. This way cleaning and upkeep will be simple. You will also want to keep furniture light in weight and color to match the marble and keep it intact. With installing marble in other parts of your home you will want to hire a professional. They will be able to install the marble quickly and do so in a way that will last you a lifetime if properly maintained.

Calacatta marble is stunning and can add light and beauty to any home. If you decide this marble is right for your home, be sure to research your buy and installation options so you can enjoy it for the rest of your life.