Chandelier Lifts: Standard or Remote Control?

August 6, 2015

There are several flourishes that we typically associate with the truly luxurious home. Carpeting and tiles tend to contribute to this, as does the molding, the choice in paints and the metal and marble used for countertops, sinks, and so on. Yet some things can truly add to your home in an impressive and delightful way that these everyday interior decoration choices just can’t. For example, your choice of lighting doesn’t just provide light – the lighting apparatus itself can, in fact, be its own interior decoration. Perhaps the most impressive and iconic of interior lighting is the chandelier, but while it is truly a sight to behold and something that can easily tie a hallway or large dining hall together, it is not without its logistical problems.

Staying Safe

Specifically, as with any piece of lighting, or really anything involving electrical lines or light bulbs, you will sometimes have to perform some form of maintenance on your chandelier. Yet if you truly have a real chandelier lighting a room, then it is quite high up, especially in a room with a vaulted ceiling, hanging where neither you nor anyone else could ever possibly touch it on a normal day. Consequently, you are forced to use a ladder and perhaps even some kind of bulb-changing apparatus to try and perform what should be simple, easy tasks that any normal lighting device could benefit from.

Staying Stylish

The solution is as old as our most elementary technology: the hoist. Instead of risking your health and safety by climbing up a ladder to tend to your chandelier, you can use a mechanical hoist system, or lift, to raise and lower your chandelier so that it can easily be accessed by you. This as the additional benefit of allowing you to adjust the height of your chandelier, which naturally will alter the lighting that it provides; a chandelier that is closer to the ceiling will cast more shadows and provide a slightly more “ethereal” light, whereas a chandelier that is nearer to the ground will provide a more intense and room-filling light.

Your chandelier lift provides you with “mood lighting” options, which you probably never expected from such a classic piece of lighting! Never underestimate what modern technology can do for you and all of your interior decorating choices!