3 Classic Hacienda Architecture Design Ideas

May 11, 2021

There are plenty of ways to get design inspiration for your custom home. You can stick to a single theme or take elements from various themes to create the look you want. Here are some classic hacienda architecture design ideas to inspire you:

What is Hacienda-Style Architecture?

Hacienda-style architecture harkens back to the classic Spanish colonial style in Mexico. It also inspired the Santa Barbara style that was popularized by Lutah Maria Riggs and George Washington Smith and the Colonial Revival movement during the 1900s.

Homes built with hacienda-style architecture feature heavy colonial doors that are usually wood, white stucco walls, and red clay roof tiles. They also tend to feature arches and arcaded silhouettes in addition to spindled window grills.

3 Classic Hacienda Architecture Design Ideas

Although clay roofs and adobe walls are better suited to warm, dry environments, there are still some classic hacienda architecture design ideas and other roofing materials that can work in humid continental climates like Pennsylvania. Here are a few classic hacienda design ideas to inspire you for elements of your own custom home:

1. Include Rustic Wood

Heavy wooden doors are a classic feature of hacienda architecture and so is rustic wood used throughout the home. Featuring rustic wood elements in the exterior of the home can create an interesting look inspired by this style.

Leaving wooden beams exposed on the interior of your home harkens back to hacienda style and is a common feature in farmhouse themes as well. You can also go with something more subtle and incorporate natural wood in furniture and in the decor of a room.

Barn doors are more common in farmhouse and country design themes, but they are a way to include rustic wood in your custom home. They’re also versatile as there are many ways to use barns doors in your custom home design.

2. Make Space for a Courtyard

A courtyard in the center of the home is common in traditional hacienda homes. It could be interior or exterior and was commonly used as a place to cook. In more modern hacienda-style homes, the courtyard is on the side of the home or in the back.

You don’t necessarily need a specified courtyard to get this look. But, you can take inspiration from it to create incredible outdoor living spaces, whether that’s an outdoor kitchen, a fantastic backyard, or just a well-designed patio. Not only does an outdoor living space add value to your home, but it also enhances the enjoyment you get from it.

3. Add Arches and Archways

Traditional hacienda-style homes usually had simple exteriors. Although they were not heavily decorated, they often featured archways and columns for stylish architectural elements.

Similarly, adding arches or creating archways in the exterior or interior of your custom home design can add unique, stylish, and interesting elements to it. In fact, archways are also one of the Spanish-style kitchen design ideas.

Build Your Dream Home With Custom Home Group

Hacienda-style architecture had a big effect on the evolution of custom home architecture and it’s influence can still be seen in some popular home design trends today. These are just a few classic hacienda architecture design ideas to inspire you as you think about what you want in your own custom home.

A custom home builder with an in-house design/build process can help make sure you get what you want while also keeping the process as stress-free as possible. If you’re ready to get started on your own custom home, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!