5 Classic Home Design Ideas That Will Never Go Out of Style

October 29, 2019

When it comes to home design, there are some classic home design ideas that simply never go out of style. While every season has its own key looks, these trends come and go over time. Who remembers the avocado bath suites from the 1980s? Or the woodchip walls from the same era?

However, the best and most classic looks never go out of fashion. If you opt for one of these ideas for your home, you’ll find that redecorating your property will need to be done less often and you’ll enjoy a more stylish, up-to-date home for many years to come.

Which looks are effortlessly timeless? Here are just a few classic home design ideas that will stand the test of time:

1. Scandi Chic

Taking its inspiration from the fjords, mountains, and snow of Nordic nations like Norway and Sweden, Scandi-style interiors will never go out of fashion. This timeless look works perfectly in all kinds of spaces from bathrooms and bedrooms to living and dining areas.

Layered fabrics, fur, and wools always look cozy while clean wooden lines add a pared-back appearance with just enough texture to add aesthetic appeal and complete comfort.

2. Industrial Style

Another enduring look that takes its inspiration from the Manhattan apartment block is the industrial style of décor. Stone and steel paired with brass and bricks bring exposed, raw materials into the home. While this may sound uncomfortable and stark, it’s all about introducing the right features to add sophistication with just enough coziness.

Stripped floorboards, for example, add a feeling of warmth to even the coldest space while statement lighting pieces add ambiance and atmosphere. Adopting a matching color palette only brings more authenticity to the look.

3. The Vintage Look

While you may equate the term vintage with old-fashioned, there’s nothing outdated about vintage interior décor. You can take your look in any direction, from the pretty and charming to the edgy and retro, simply by adding a handful of vintage pieces to a neutral space and bringing the room’s aesthetic together.

Vintage storage units or cabinets add style and beauty to any space without ever compromising on practicality. With open shelving, you can adopt creative styling and showcase accessories, trinkets, and books with ease. The vintage look can work in any room of the home, even the bathroom, where you can find some wonderful vintage-inspired bathroom faucets and accessories.

4. Minimalism

The minimalistic look is nothing new. It first arose during the early years of the 20th century, but even today it is pervading through many facets of contemporary life, including interior design. Taking its influence from simple Japanese designs, a minimalist interior works on the concept that less is always more, stripping the décor down to its basics and then using empty space to create a design statement.

Color is used sparingly with a monochrome palette often being the number one choice. Whether you’re creating a minimalist living room, bedroom, or bathroom, the key is to keep the space clutter and fuss-free and to choose simple, clean lines for your furnishings. Even your toilet can add to the authenticity of this look!

5. Coastal Appeal

The appeal of coastal-themed décor is long-enduring and never goes out of fashion. Using white and blue color palettes immediately adds a nautical look to any room while the use of clean white wood, seaside accessories, distressed woodwork, and nautical motifs has long been a popular choice.

Glass is a key element of any coastal-themed interior while white voiles and draperies only serve to add more space and breeziness to your coastal room. Unassuming and relaxed, this look works perfectly in any kind of home. While it may be most associated with beachfront properties, it can work perfectly well in city-center apartments too when done right.

These are just some of the most iconic home décor looks that have stood the test of time and which show no sign of going off-trend any time soon. Whether you prefer a vintage look or something more modern, one of these classic home design ideas should be the perfect choice to keep your home looking fantastic in the long-term.