7 Useful Closet Organization Tips

August 6, 2020

Even the most well-planned closet designs are only as good as their ability to allow you to stay organized and your ability to keep them that way. Regardless of its size, every closet can benefit from some organization. A well-organized closet makes a daily routine just a little bit easier and more convenient. Here are some useful closet organization tips to help you keep yours under control:

1. Declutter and Get Rid of Stuff You Don’t Use

A closet is one of the easy ways to incorporate more storage into your custom home design. But, general clutter in a closet is the best way to take a vital storage area in your home and turn it into something stressful.

One of the useful closet organization tips is to start by reducing clutter and eliminating items that you don’t use. Sometimes, it can be hard to say goodbye, but once you get rid of items that haven’t been used in a while, you will be amazed at how much more organized and accessible your closet becomes.

2. Get Creative With Shelving

Incorporating shelving within a closet is a good way to organize items that cannot be hung on a clothing rod. Shoes, hats, sweaters, etc. are things that can be placed on shelves in a closet to keep the space organized and keep the items from ending up on the floor.

Having a place in the closet to store these items can also keep the rest of the home tidier. Plus, it provides the convenience of having these items centralized to one place in your home. If you don’t want to install permanent shelving in the closet, there are plenty of options for hanging shelves that you can use to create storage options.

3. Include a Second Hanger Bar for Shorter Items

If you’ve gotten creative with some shelving units in your closet, chances are you have freed up some floor space below a clothing rod. This space has a lot of potential for additional storage. One great way to increase the storage capacity in your closet to include a second hanger bar below the top bar for shorter clothing items.

You may want to consider only installing a second hanger bar in a portion of the closet, to allow for space for longer clothing items, such as full-length jackets, dresses, or dress pants to be able to hang uninhibited by a lower clothing rod.

4. Combine and Customize Bars, Racks, and Shelving to Maximize Space

It is possible to customize just about any closet by getting creative with a combination of shelving, bars, racks, and even drawers. You can incorporate floor-to-ceiling storage components in your closet based on the items that you want to organize. This type of modular and customizable storage is one of the walk-in closet design ideas that can help you create a better closet from the beginning.

For example, you can include drawers for clothing that does not need to be hung up. This can eliminate the need for a dresser in the bedroom and open up other interior design options for the room. Racks and shelves for other items can be incorporated alongside or above the clothing rod.

If additional space is needed, hanging racks, shelves, or pockets can also be placed on the closet door. This keeps them out of sight when the closet is closed and expands your storage capacity. Having an idea of what you will want to store in a closet is one of the best tips for how to design a closet and can also help you figure out the best configuration of storage options for your needs.

5. Corral the Shoes to Keep the Floor Clear and Organized

Shoes can be one of the biggest culprits in making a closet cluttered. Keeping shoes off the floor and organized is a good way to stop the snowball that closet clutter and disorganization can become. Keeping a clean closet floor also makes it much easier to quickly clean the closet with a vacuum or broom to eliminate dust and lint accumulation.

6. Organize and Store Your Clothes by Category

Organizing your clothing by category might seem a little overboard at first, but it is a good idea if you want to maximize your closet space. Start off by organizing clothing items by season. You won’t be wearing sweaters in the summer months, so having them interspersed with summer clothing only makes it more difficult to find what you are looking for.

You can also separate clothing by style in terms of casual versus formal/work clothes. Keeping your clothing organized by category will also make it much easier to determine which items you no longer wear or need.

If you go a whole season without wearing certain items, they are good options to consider eliminating from the closet the next time you are purging items to create more space. Chances are, some of the items you no longer wear are still in good shape and can be donated to charity or consignment shops.

7. Give Each Wall a Separate Function

One of the closet organization tips to help organize your things and improve overall closet organization is to give each wall a separate function. You can dedicate a wall to shoes, one wall to clothes, another to a rack, hooks, a pegboard, etc. for other items.

There are plenty of ways to organize using this method. It can be useful for making sure everything has a dedicated place and helps keep you organized whether it’s something you’ve owned for a while or something new you’re adding.

Home organization is a great way to increase your quality of life and relieve stress. Making sure your closets have the necessary components included to allow for a high level of organization is the first step. These useful closet organization tips will help you get started.

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