5 Common Bathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid

July 4, 2019

Bathrooms are some of the most-used and important rooms in a home. As such, they deserve some additional thought and time spent on their design. The right layouts are key to creating bathrooms that both look great and function efficiently. To achieve this balance of form and function, planning is required. And, working with experienced home builders can help you avoid many of the common bathroom design mistakes that can plague new homes. Here are a few of the most common bathroom design mistakes to avoid:

Mistake #1 – Not Including Some Type of Window

Natural lighting is an important facet of any bathroom design. Natural light provides benefits that artificial light simply cannot provide. First, ample natural light sources create softer lighting. The light presented by naturally well-lit bathrooms can also help avoid the growth and spread of mold and mildew that can build up in these moisture-prone rooms over time.

A window can also help to make the bathroom feel larger and give the appearance of a more open and spacious layout. There may be rare cases where it makes the most sense for a bathroom to be windowless. If this ends up being the case for one of your bathrooms, you can upgrade the ventilation system, layer lighting, and use other windowless bathroom ideas to help make up for the lack of windows.

Mistake #2 – Ending Up With the Toilet as the Focal Point

Just as it is important to consider the placement of a window in a bathroom layout, it’s also important to consider where the toilet will be placed. Just because every bathroom needs a toilet, doesn’t mean that it should be the focal point of the entire room. Placing the toilet in a prominent location or facing the door should be avoided whenever possible so that, when entering the bathroom, it isn’t the first thing you see.

Mistake #3 – Forgetting to Include Enough Storage

During the design and planning stages of a new home, it is a common mistake to attempt to “save” living space by minimizing the square footage used for the bathroom. However, it is important to allocate enough space to the bathroom area that it is able to function well. You want to be able to use the room comfortably and you also want to make sure you include enough storage. Implementing creative bathroom storage solutions can help you get enough storage without sacrificing a lot of space.

Closets for towels, toiletries, and other essentials should be planned within the bathroom layout, as should space for a large sink vanity. A sink vanity, as well as built-in wall cabinets, provides you with a surprising amount of storage space. However, these items do take up space and you want to make sure you work with your custom home designer to include them in the room in a way that makes sense and keeps them easy to use.

Mistake #4 – Ignoring Proper Ventilation

A very important aspect of any bathroom is proper ventilation. Considering the amount of water vapor that is created by the shower, all of the moisture in the air needs a place to go. Light fixtures that incorporate exhaust fans are essential to a bathroom design. There are several options available, so you’ll be able to find the right set of fixtures that will fit into the overall design theme of the bathroom.

Mistake #5 – Failing to Plan for Proper Flow and Function

Another common bathroom design mistake is failing to consider and plan for proper flow and function of the bathroom. Bathrooms with ample lighting, space, and storage operate with more efficiency and provide an increased level of practicality and functionality. There are pros and cons of double vanities, but they can be the right choice for shared bathrooms. For example, multiple people may need to use the bathroom in the morning to get ready and a double vanity can be helpful in this situation.

If you’re married, you and your spouse might need to get ready for work at the same time. In this case, planning for your master bathroom to have a double vanity might make sense. The type of vanity, location of storage closets and compartments, and type of shower and/or tub to include in the bathroom design are things that affect the flow and function of the bathroom. So, you want to make sure you’re taking the time to work with your builder to properly plan out this space.

The design of the bathrooms in your custom home is something that should be planned carefully. Make sure that you consider how the room will function and what kinds of additional options you may want to incorporate into the layout. By avoiding these common bathroom design mistakes, you can make sure the bathrooms in your custom home are beautifully designed and easy to use. If you’re ready to start designing and building a dream home with your dream bathroom, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!