How to Achieve Consistency and Efficiency in Your Home’s Temperature

October 15, 2015

It can be difficult to consistently provide a good level of temperature control in a house that is truly large and spacious, whether it is a matter of keeping that house cool or warm. This can be especially true when that house is in a climate that is either very cold or very hot, as there are more opportunities for “osmosis” to occur between the interior and exterior of the house while requiring more energy to fight that evening out of temperature due to the intensity of the climate and the size of the house. Even with a “forced-air” HVAC system, a large house will often require several heating and cooling units, each of which require quite a bit of ductwork while still only offering scant climate control while also providing a hefty energy bill every year.

A New Way to Think About Climate Control

There are alternatives, however, and as time has gone on, more and more builders have opted for them in an effort to reduce costs and increase efficiency as well as the effectiveness of climate control methods. One of those alternatives is radiant floor heating, which reduces the amount of heat lost in providing heat to the house, does not require any ductwork, and is considerably more quiet than systems which must move air around (which inherently increases the circulation of allergens and bacteria, another point in radiant heating’s column!).

Imagine a Truly Comfortable Home

So, how does radiant floor heating work? Basically, chilled and warm water is “radiated” throughout your home by means of panels mounted on your ceiling. Plates for tubing and heat transfer are installed in prefabricated gypsum panels, allowing for simple installation – in fact, the panel is also drywall, which means that if you are making this part of your home’s construction, you’ve also already installed drywall in that room! While panels must be consistently maintained and the house must remain dehumidified, the system is very accurate and effective. At an affordable price per square foot, it isn’t hard to imagine this system in your own home!