4 Crafty Ways to Improve Your Home

May 10, 2016

Creating a home that is perfect for you and your family can be fun and challenging or it can be an utter nightmare. Here are a few crafty ways to improve your home:

1. Repurpose Pool Noodles

Foam noodles in your garage can save your car door and the garage wall from scrapes. If you want to create a wall protector all you need is a pool noodle and command strips. Cut the pool noodle in have so it will line up with the wall. Attach four command strips on each end of the pool noodle and then attach to the wall. Voila! Now you can say goodbye to scraps.

2. Press and Seal for Efficient Painting

If you’re painting your home, painter’s tape can be difficult to work with or place without using half a roll. If you want to have seamless lines without using more tape than paint you may want to invest in a Press n Seal roll. Press and seal easily adheres to windows, door frames, and other awkward in-between spots without leaving residue or wasting large amounts of tape. To use press n seal measure out what you need and then firmly place the seal on the desired area. Press firmly to keep the film in place. Once you are finished and the paint has dried remove the press n seal with your fingers and enjoy the beautiful work you have just finished.

3. Add Pegboards for Storage or Decoration

Be it in a workshop, the kitchen, or even your bathroom, pegboards can create instant storage and help you have more space in your home. Pegboards are sold in many craft and hardware stores and can be installed with a few screws and a screwdriver. Once on your wall, use hooks to hang the objects you wish to have on your pegboard. You can also use it for extra storage, like hanging coffee mugs on the pegboard.

4. Indoor Plants

Keeping plants indoors throughout the year can add color and beauty to your home and may even help clean and clear the air. Having indoor plants can be simple if you give them the proper drainage and care. Depending on the plant you will need drainage. Be sure all of your pots have drainage holes and even then have a plate with a little lift to give your plant some space.

Now that you have a few quick ideas to make your home more comfortable it is time to tie on the tool belt and get started. Happy home improvement!