How to Create a Kid-Friendly Backyard

May 27, 2021

Designing a custom home is an exciting time and it can be easy to forget about things outside of the home, like the backyard. When you opt to design and build a custom home, you also get to design the rest of the lot to an extent as well. Whether you already have children or are looking forward to growing your family, here’s how to create a kid-friendly backyard:

1. Add a Fence

Being able to run carefree through the grass is something kids and adults can enjoy. One way to help create a kid-friendly backyard is to make sure there is some privacy and safety. Adding a fence helps create a perimeter around your backyard and is one of the backyard must-haves for your custom home.

It creates a visible boundary around your property for children. A fence also gives you some peace of mind because it helps keep your children safely in the yard and prevents them from running into the street or wandering off. In addition, it helps keep people and strange animals from wandering freely into your yard as well. You can also have some fun with the fence too and make it part of your landscaping; brightly colored fences are one of the fun summer landscaping ideas that can add a pop of color to your backyard.

2. Include a Shaded Place to Relax

A comfortable place to relax is a great addition to any backyard and is another element that can help you create a kid-friendly backyard. After running around and playing, it’s nice to be able to sit, relax, and catch your breath, or even take a nap.

Comfortable outdoor furniture on a patio or deck can provide the perfect place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Making sure you have some shade for that area is one of the outdoor patio design ideas and can help make it more comfortable on sunny or hot days. A pergola, a full overhang, retractable awnings, or even portable patio umbrellas can all provide some shade when you need it.

3. Create a Space for Free and Messy Play

Free play allows both kids and adults to thrive, have fun, and get creative. Part of free play is not needing to tone back or be afraid of mess. Creating a space in your backyard where free and messy play is acceptable and encouraged can help you create a kid-friendly backyard.

This could be something a simple as a sandbox or an area where they can dig in the dirt and start their own garden. It could be a grassy area for your child to paint, watercolor, play with markers, and more where they and you don’t need to be concerned about where the paint is flying or coloring off the paper.

You could even include a large outdoor chalkboard into your outdoor living space or backyard design to allow for free scribbling and doodles. Or, it could be an area where they can play freely with water without worrying where it’s splashing.

4. Supply a Swing

A swing can be a great way to encourage movement and activity. Plus, swings are fun! You can opt for a play set or structure for your backyard that includes a swing or you can just focus on a swingset. You can also consider adding a hammock for a more relaxing swing.

If you have trees in your yard with sturdy enough branches, you could make a tire swing, a rope swing, or a classic tree swing from the branch. Depending on the trees and your local regulations, you could even build a treehouse!

5. Attract Some Wildlife

Watching animals move around your yard can be fun for kids. You do want to be careful about the type of wildlife you are attracting, but some birdseed in a birdfeeder, a birdbath, or a birdhouse can be a great way to bring a variety of birds into your yard. This can also create some fun snow day activities when winter rolls in. Seeds will probably also bring in some quirky squirrels.

If you’re interested in gardening and want to get your children involved and interested in nature, you can also plant pollinator-friendly flowers and plants to attract butterflies. Making your garden pollinator-friendly is one of the custom home landscaping ideas. You can also add a hummingbird feeder to attract these small, fast birds.

6. Put in Something With a Personal Touch

There are some standard ideas that are common to backyards. But, there are also a lot of options for things you can add or things to build in your backyard. Think about your family, what you like, and the future, and then put in something with a personal touch.

Depending on your hobbies, this could be a large garden full of flowers and vegetables, a treehouse, a rope course integrated with a play structure, a strip of turf for yard games, a swimming pool, and more.

These are just a few tips and some things to consider to create a kid-friendly backyard. If you’re ready to bring your dream home to life, including the backyard you’ve always wanted, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!