How to Create Intimate Outdoor Patio Spaces

October 13, 2016

Even though the leaves are falling and the weather is getting chilly, there is plenty of ways to spend time outside and still feel comfortable and at home. Making an intimate outdoor patio space can create a whole other living area that can be used well into fall. Here are a few suggestions to have a warm and inviting space that you will want to use year round.

1. Indoor-Outdoor Integration

Having a more seamless and comfortable integration between your indoors and outdoors. This can be done with a partly exposed patio or a protected awning. It can be beautiful, comfortable, and a new room that can be used throughout the months no matter rain or shine. If you want to have an indoor-outdoor integration be sure to discuss the possibility with your contractor. This way you will have the safest, cleanest outdoor space that will not harm or degrade your indoor space.

2. Lighting

Lighting in your outdoor space is incredibly important. This will create a warm and inviting space that people will enjoy during the day or night. You can use vintage-inspired lighting or modern touches such as firefly string lights that will offer a comfortable ambiance. You may also want to use candles and natural lighting. Citronella candles and torches are wonderful for creating a romantic setting and keeping the bugs at bay. Fire pits can also be great to keep bugs away and have a warm and inviting space. It is also a perfect place for s’mores.

3. Furniture

Though there is plenty of fun and effective DIYs that you can use for your outdoor space, you may want to consider investing in good, durable, and comfortable outdoor patio furniture. Investing in durable outdoor furniture will help keep your friends and family comfortable and your expenses low over time. While it may be an initial cost will be high it will pay for itself in a season easily.

4. Fire Pit

As mentioned above fire pits are wonderful for creating a warm and cozy ambiance. They can be used to warm your feet or toast marshmallows. Fire pits can be inexpensive or incredibly elaborate. Be sure to research and read over testimonials to find out which kind of fire pit is best for you and your home. If you decide to install a large or elaborate fire pit talk to an experienced and reliable contractor so your fire pit will be safe and durable.