5 Custom Home Landscaping Ideas

December 6, 2017

The property your house is built upon is just as much a part of your home as any other. Whether you have a tiny yard or sprawling acres, putting a creative mind to landscaping will make your home even more ravishing. Perhaps you can do so by starting a garden, buying outdoor furniture, or maybe an outdoor pool or hot tub. There are so many custom home landscaping ideas and ways to beautify your land!

Why Customize Your Landscape

Particularly if you own a large expanse of land, landscaping is a good way to customize your home to reach its full potential. Why not make the most of it? Adding fixtures and scenery will bring more avenues of entertainment for you, your family, and your guests.

Not only does it add interest, but landscaping also adds a lot of curb appeal to your home. First impressions are important, and they will be what brings potential buyers inside to investigate the rest of your home. A radiantly decorated landscape is certain to accomplish this! And, if you already have the custom home of your dreams, landscaping will only enhance your experience. Here are some landscaping ideas to get you started:

5 Custom Home Landscaping Ideas

1. Plan for Your Grass

Grass varieties have an impact, so it makes to plan for your grass when it comes to landscaping your yard. Typically, you need to spread out some grass seed after your custom home construction is complete. Most construction companies provide you with some seed and spread this out on the ground, but others leave it up to you to find the seed.

So you should research the types of lawn grass that grow in your area and tends to do well in your region’s climate. Your custom home builder can help you determine what types of lawn grass will grow the best in your area and look great around your custom home.

2. Gardening

One of the classic custom home landscaping ideas is to add a garden. Bright flowers, hanging vines, fruits, and vegetation can all bring life and color to your home! Not only that, but having a garden plot with some degree of self-sustainability is incredibly advantageous. There are some plants to never grow in your yard, so make sure you choose plants that will be easy to maintain and will not take over your yard or be difficult to remove.

Gardening can be time-consuming and daunting, particularly for beginners, but it is often a relaxing and rewarding experience. If you’re just starting out, a classic garden is a great addition to your custom home’s yard. Start out by using a gardening app or pencil and paper to map out a garden plot for your yard. After that, it’s all about pruning your garden effectively and keeping it organized.

Make it Pollinator-Friendly

You can also play around with the plants in your garden to provide a safe haven for pollinators like honeybees. Coneflowers, Starflowers, Lavender and more can help you create a pollinator-friendly garden. They will add color and sweet smells to your garden while also helping to protect and nourish the ecosystem around you.

Pollinators, such as bees, in much of the U.S. and Canada have been struggling with a lack of pollen-rich flowers and herbs. This means the honey we love is becoming less plentiful and the earth is losing potential growth and diversity. Though it may seem simple, by planting a few flowers that attract pollinators you will help your neighbors and Mother Earth.

If you’re worried about getting stung, there isn’t much to fear. Unless you provoke or aggravate the bees they will continue to mosey along looking for pollen. If you do have a dangerous allergic reaction to bees, however, we suggest growing pollinator plants on the edge of the property.


You can also try to take up composting to help reduce waste and also add essential nutrients to your soil. There are plenty of composting bins, tubs, and other products you can use or you can begin with a pile surrounded by wood. Find out what works for you and then go from there.

What you put in your compost will be of the utmost importance. Organic table scraps, as well as vegetables, eggshells, teabags, and old bouquets are suitable to put in your compost. You should avoid fish, meats, proteins, and other materials that may be difficult to break down over time. By keeping your compost light and diversified you will have a quicker turnaround and better soil.

You may also want to consider purchasing worms specifically for your compost. They will break down the soil faster, and make it easier to handle and work with.

3. Porches

If you enjoy spending time outdoors, a wrap-around porch is an excellent option! Porches can be built to a considerable size and are a great place for entertaining guests. Fill it with soft, comfortable chairs and tables, and it is a glorious place to have social events. Chatting in the warm outdoors with friends as the smell of the grill lingers is a picture-perfect day of relaxation. A porch is also a great place to relax and unwind after a long day or on the weekends.

4. Outdoor Kitchen

Food tickles our taste buds. It’s energizing, and it’s perfect for bringing people together. Why not improve those get-togethers on the porch, or poolside, by making a variety of different foods with an easily accessible outdoor kitchen?

Outdoor kitchens are useful because they give you all the space that you could want. That, and the fresh air, adds a flavor all its own! With all the extra space, it allows people to watch as you impress with your cooking skills.

5. Ponds and Lakes

If you’re not keen on swimming, and don’t want a pool but still appreciate the aesthetic appeal of water, try a pond or a lake. Add a couple of fish and you have some pets and an entrancing piece of art!

Before adding water features, be sure that you have the time to maintain them. While koi ponds are stunning and other water features can enhance your landscaping, they do need a lot of work to become fruitful and can quickly become landscaping mistakes if you don’t plan ahead or care for them properly.

With these landscaping suggestions and more, you’ll be certain to make the absolute best of your property.