4 Deck Lighting Ideas

August 19, 2021

The right lighting on your deck is all about ambiance, atmosphere, and also safety. With so many options available, it’s easy to get the lighting you need with an added touch of style. Here are a few deck lighting ideas to inspire you for your own outdoor space:

1. Put Wall Sconces to Use

Although wall sconces tend to be more common as functional hallway lighting ideas, they can also be useful in adding enough light to a deck as well. Strategically placed wall sconces can help provide light for the area of the deck that is connected to the house. Not only can you play with lights and colors, but you can also get creative with the style of the fixtures if you want to.

2. Build Safety Lights Into the Stairs

If your deck has stairs, navigating them at night or in low light can be a safety hazard. You could place lights along the sides of the stairs, but this takes up space, and lights in these areas can be easily knocked off if they are not secure.

Instead of trying to add lights to stairs as an afterthought, one of the most useful deck lighting ideas is to build small safety lights into the stairs themselves. These lights do not take up space on the top of the stair and do not contribute to any tripping hazards. Plus, they can be designed to be subtle and stylish.

3. Add String Lights

String lights may not be known for providing the brightest light, but they can provide some light and can enhance the atmosphere of your deck. Plus, they are flexible and versatile, so you can hang them almost anywhere. This makes them one of the ideas to liven up your deck or patio.

If you have a pergola, a cover, or even patio umbrellas, you can hang string lights underneath them to enhance the look and feel and also provide a little bit more overhead lighting. You can also wrap them around railings or columns if that’s where you need a little more light.

String lights can also be used to highlight specific features or areas around your deck. Another benefit of string lights is that they do not tend to be overwhelming or harsh, so they contribute to a more relaxing environment while out on the deck at dusk or at night.

4. Consider Railing Lights

Similar to built-in lights on the stairs, another deck lighting option is railing lights. These can be built-in or can be fixtures that are added later.

These can be a great way to add a little light around the perimeter of your deck for aesthetics as well as safety. Also, railing lights are available in solar-powered options and options that automatically turn off during the day, which can be useful.

These are just a few deck lighting ideas to get you thinking about what you need in your outdoor space. The right mix of lighting will be different for everyone, but with all of the outdoor lighting options available, it’s easy to find what you need and match the look you want.