6 Ways to Decorate With Pampas Grass

February 9, 2021

Pampas Grass is a great option for accenting your home decor with a natural look and texture. This versatile decorating option is quickly becoming a favorite of many homeowners and there are many ways to incorporate Pampas Grass within your home decor. Here’s what to know and a few ways to decorate with Pampas Grass:

What is Pampas Grass?

Pampas Grass is a tall, ornamental grass native to South American. It is most easily identified by its large, silky plumes. It is a popular choice as a decor option.

It is most often used after it has been dried down. In its dried state, its ivory-like coloration makes it a versatile decor item that can be incorporated into a wide range of color schemes and styles.

6 Ways to Decorate With Pampas Grass

Because Pampas Grass is so versatile, there are several different things you can do with it. Using it is even one of the spring farmhouse decor ideas. Here are a few ways to decorate with Pampas Grass:

1. Make a Wreath for the Front Door

Pampas Grass can be used to make a beautiful wreath for your front door that will enhance your entryway and also help to increase your home’s curb appeal. A wreath is one of the classic ideas for fun front door decor and there are a lot of options available to get the look you want.

The stems of the grass can be woven together around a wire. You can stagger the plumes to cover the internal structure of the wreath. This creates a piece of front door art with tremendous texture and depth.

In other cases, Pampas Grass can be used as the “background” of a wreath that uses other types of flowers or blooms for brighter accents or splashes of color. A polished, ornamental metal or wire ring can also serve as the structural core of the wreath.

You can use just a few plumes of Pampas Grass along with a few pieces of greens for a smaller and more subtle piece. Or, you can fill the space with a variety of items and blooms to make a statement.

2. Put it in a Large Vase

Pampas Grass is a great choice for entryway decor. Because it can be quite large, it is a good option for floor vases. You can frame the door with a pair or fill a corner. A vase of Pampas Grass can be the perfect item to fill the corner of a parlor or foyer room that needs a little extra texture and depth.

Vases of pampas grass can also be used to accent other pieces of furniture. They tend to work well on either side of an entertainment center in a living room or to fill a corner by a bookshelf in your home office or study.

3. Create a Centerpiece for Your Table

Pampas Grass is an excellent choice as a centerpiece for the dining room table. It can be displayed in a vase all by itself, or used in conjunction with other flowers or plants. It also creates a great “base” for a natural, dried bouquet arrangement.

4. Use it to Update Your Fireplace Mantel

Lining your mantel with Pampas Grass will help to give it some texture and enhance its ability to serve as a focal point in the living area of your home. When used in this way, Pampas Grass can serve as the perfect piece of fireplace decor.

Plus, it creates the perfect background for other decor pieces that will be displayed there. If your mantel has a natural wood finish or color, and you are looking for a little more contrast, Pampas Grass and Eucalyptus are a great pairing when some greenery is needed.

5. DIY Some Botanical Art

Botanical art can work well within many homes’ interior design stylings. Pampas Grass presses well and can provide an easy DIY project when used to make a large framed piece of wall art. This type of wall art works well for a variety of decor styles, from farmhouse to minimalist and more.

If you want a little more color, you can include other florals in your design. You can also make multiple pieces of varying colors and floral species. Then, you can alternate them in your display to create a botanical-themed gallery wall.

6. Play With Color

Pampas Grass most often comes in a naturally neutral color, but it can be found in a variety of colors. And, it can be very aesthetically appealing to try some of these colors in your floral arrangements or in your decorating efforts around the home. An arrangement of ivory Pampas Grass with a few plumes of accent colors can take an arrangement from ordinary to extraordinary.

Pampas Grass is a popular decor item. Due to its versatility, there are many ways to decorate with Pampas Grass and include this botanical gem in your home decor. You can get creative and try new things with this versatile plant.

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